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Yes, it is!

Welcome to my new adventure.  What is this Lisaville?  Something I have been gestating for months.  Well really, for years.  Dare I say, for decades…..  I want to create a place to explore profound ideas that are sparked by words and supported by art.  I want to start discussions.  I want to learn and share.  I want us to explore things that we all think about, yet rarely discuss.  Things that touch us deeply, that guide us or hinder us or help us, that may feel a bit embarrassing or too vulnerable or silly or even obvious.  Yet still grab on to our souls with an intensity that we can’t deny.  And connect us all…….

In practical terms, my intent is to post here weekly and lead off with a word or short phrase that inspires a discussion.  A basic truism of life, always with an undercurrent of hope and gratitude and a positive outlook.  I also intend to support these weekly discussions by sharing original art pieces that express my vision of the idea represented by the words.  I want us to talk about creativity and life and being kind to ourselves and others and what it means to recognize and honor our soul’s needs.

So let’s begin.  Because you know today is DAY ONE!!!  Not just for this new blog and art adventure for me, but for every one of us, no matter what journey we are on.  DAY ONE sounds so uplifting, so fresh and new, so full of possibility.  A new opportunity to start over.  A chance to begin AGAIN that thing that you can’t quite get a handle on, that you keep procrastinating about, that you’re not quite sure how to proceed.  But then it can turn ominous as things happen that distract you or disrupt you or disturb you.  Including your own inner critic: “I don’t have time”, “I’m not good enough or talented enough to succeed, so I won’t even try”, “No one will care”,  “I’m not important enough”, “I have too much work or chores or responsibilities to others and no time for myself”, “I’m too tired”, “I don’t have any help or support”, “This dream is too big for me to achieve”, “Who am I kidding”, etc. etc. etc…..

And for some of those reasons I have been putting off launching this blog and website.  Very very very good reasons (I lead a very “disrupted” life, more on that later).  But not good enough reasons.  My initial intent was to first produce a lovely finished collage to illustrate these DAY ONE words.  And to start on January 1.  How silly of me!  Anyone else relate to the perfectionism myth that surrounds that intent?  And how’s that working for you?

But the problem is that I have all these ideas swimming around inside of me, wanting, no NEEDING to burst out into the world and see how others relate to this human experience we all share.  I gotta start!  Hold my breath and jump in the cold pool.  So DAY ONE is not at all about preconceived plans and expectations.  It is about doing….. IT…….. NOW.  Let go of the “control” that is suggested by clinging to “perfectionism”.  Even if I were to have started this as perfectly as I had dreamt, I still can not control how it evolves or how it is received.  After all, true conversations are never controlled by the participants, they evolve and can go in all sorts of directions — and I love that!  That’s how we learn about each other, and in turn learn more about ourselves.  The richness of life!!!  How we share and connect and experience what makes us alike and what makes us unique.  That is the preciousness of being human.  That is the gift we get every day we wake up still breathing.  I want to accept that gift, and share it with you.

Ta-da!  Here I present to you, on my fledgling unfinished “under-construction” blog/website, my idea sketch for my DAY ONE collage.  Taking a risk, revealing something incomplete, vulnerable, something just beginning.  The seed of my idea for the collage.  The tender process of creating art.  Stay tuned to see how the piece progresses.  Because this is my perfectly imperfect DAY ONE.  And how lucky am I to be sharing it with you on your DAY ONE!?!?!

So tell me, what does DAY ONE mean to you?  Take a risk, leave a comment, I really want to hear your thoughts!


44 thoughts on “DAY 1

  1. yay! i love knowing that i can have a day 1 many times! cannot wait to see what else u have in store Lisa!

    1. I agree! It is such a comforting concept. Thanks so much for your encouragement, Carmen!

  2. Day One for me means “Life” and all the infinite possibilities therein.

    Congrats on Day One of your blog and I am so excited for you and for all of us to be able to share in this! xoxox

    1. Yes! LIFE here and now, so precious, just like YOU, my dear friend!!!!!

  3. WOW you have no idea how much your post means to me 🙂 I so know where you’re coming from, I can relate!!
    Thanks to Mel for leading me here to your blog. I LOVE your Day One!!!

    1. Thank you so much, Donna. YOU have no idea how much your kind words mean to me!!!

  4. Day 1 – nothing finer!!!! <3 SO excited as you start your blog journey!

    1. Ah, September, thank you so much! Your words are always so full of joy and hope.

  5. YAY!!! I’m soooo excited for your DAY ONE Lisa!!!! Love and miss all my brave girlfriends! You’ve inspired me from the first time we met at Brave Girls Camp last May. I’m looking forward to your continued bravery and sharing! <3 you!!! Hugs! Anita

    1. And you inspire me, my beautiful artist friend! Remember when you wanted to stay behind at the lake and sketch? I was so worried you wouldn’t know how to get back to the lodge, so we loitered beneath the trees until we saw you coming back — you were so enthralled. It’s a moment I’ll never forget. Definitely seemed like it was a DAY ONE for you!

  6. Wow, Lisa…Wow! Day One for me…means another chance to get it right~ Thank you!

    1. Again and again, and then begin again, LOL! I miss you so much, Kathleen!!!

  7. Congrats!! I’m looking forward to your blog and all it’s possibilities. Day one for me is a new beginning
    in areas I never thought possible and new friends to share them with.

    1. Yes, Sandy! And I feel so blessed to be one of those new friends — you are a true finely polished gem!!!!

  8. How wonderful Lisa! Day one means that no matter what life dished out to you the previous day, you have the opportunity to begin fresh the next!

    1. Right on, Brigid! Like every morning I wake up and my first thoughts are: how much did I eat yesterday (!!!) and where are my kids? If the answers are good, then its a day to keep going. If the answers are not so good, then its time to begin FRESH.

  9. Day One to me means fresh starts. Forgiving what needs to be forgiven and moving forward. I can have several Day Ones throughout a day…I’ve been known to have as many as two or three if I feel the need for it. Love you. Love the blog.

    1. You are such an amazing positive soul, sweet Laurie! I love the concept of several DAY ONE’S. Many days its actually HOUR ONE or MINUTE ONE, yes?

  10. Day one means to me a new start ! Having good intentions for what ever you are moving a head with. Thank you for creating us a place to go to be creative ,share, learn and gain new perspective on life. Looking forward to what we all can share today & in the future …Lisa I love your amazing spirit♥ xo

    1. I love you more, Clare-y!!!! Your sweet light is a blessing to all who know you, and therefore love you. You always seem to me to have a natural ability to look at every day as DAY ONE. XOXOXOX

  11. I agree with you… DAY ONE is a fresh start, a new beginning and a great adventure. Following your blog. Looking forward to seeng more posts!

    1. Yes! And the possibilities are ennnnnndlessssssssssssssss. Thanks so much for joining me here, Shawna Rae!!!

  12. I love your Love This Day canvas. And the concept of Day l –we get to emerge from our cocoons and fly.

    1. You’re so right, Deb! Because it doesn’t matter what we did or didn’t do yesterday, it’s how we look at NOW. xoxoxox

  13. Day 1 is a new beginning; a fresh start; starting over. It is ‘out with old and in with the new!’ I love it Lisa! What a wonderful idea. I hope to be checking in with you often. Blessings…

    1. Thank you for your kind words, Shyra! I hope to post every Wednesday, and knowing you’re interested keeps me going!

  14. I am so thrilled I am part of this day one! I cannot wait. Art, creativity, new beginnings!

    1. Oh thank you, Alicia! I can see your smile! Miss you!

  15. I am delighted to take a stroll in Lisaville, and very much impressed by the storefronts I am seeing: collage arts, thoughtful coffees, books to consider…! And most of all, the lovely face of a dear friend, however faraway. I look forward to meandering here!

    1. Well, Lisaville wouldn’t be complete without you, Laura. You are one of the original members of this lovely loving lovable world!!!!

  16. I like this and you and am glad to follow the reply from Laura who talks about taking about a stroll in Lisaville. Very clever. Makes me laugh. How well I know Lisaville!! or at least how long I have known what it’s like to live in Lisaville. So I will enjoy the storefronts….and assignments you are giving. So my Day One has been an accumulation of realizations that have gotten me to reframe my approach to my “shoulds”. So instead of saying “I should have eaten less” I now say “My full preference is to eat less. But if I don’t, that doesn’t mean I am a pathetic, worthless person. It just means I am human and normal.” This has helped me over the last couple of years. Now, will Lisaville give us too much homework? OK, bring it on!

    1. Yes, “C.T.” you know this world VERY well, LOL!!! At first when I read this I couldn’t figure out who it was! How many years have I tried to convince you you’re normal? Let’s not count, let’s just say I’m right. So glad you’re following!!! LOVE YOU TONS!!!

  17. Love this! To me Day one means a new beginning. It is the start of a journey either physically or metaphorically. It is a chance to begin again..or a do over…a fresh start… or a springboard to a new adventure. It is a starting point, a reference to look back on as we progress. It is a clean sheet of paper, an empty canvas, or the start of something new. I am excited to take this journey with you sweet roomie! Thanks for taking us along with you!

    1. I’m so glad you’re visiting Lisaville, Kam!!! I know you have had many MANY DAY ONE’S, and in fact our conversations about this comforting concept are what inspired what I wrote here. I love you so much!!!

  18. Darling Lisa,
    It is a pleasure and an honor to be invited to be a part of “Lisaville”! Thank you for including me in this most precious journey 🙂
    As a teacher, “Day One” brings forth a wonderful mixture of emotions. The first is apprehension…first day of school jitters….I never know quite how things will go…Amazingly, within moments – life is always better than ever! Why is it that I have reservations?! Secondly….total and utter EXCITEMENT permeates! There is nothing quite like a fresh new box of crayons, pencils sharpened to perfection, new school shoes, and a Hello Kitty Lunchbox to help prepare for a new adventure. My favorite emotion is that of absolute JOY – joy in doing what I love to do, seeing all those beautiful little faces – smiling and eager to learn, as well as seeing and being with dear colleagues. Last, but certainly not least, are REFLECTION OPPORTUNITIES. With each lesson “taught”, I LEARN countless new things, thus my own personal GROWTH and development flourishes as I am mindful and content.
    I am so EXCITED that you have LAUNCHED Lisaville!! What a Brave Girl you are! Good things will BLOSSOM from these seeds of JOY and INSPIRATION that you have planted! This garden of LOVE, HOPE, and PROMISE will bring pleasure to many hearts! I look forward to the DAYS ahead!

    1. My dear eloquent friend! I love your relating this to the first day of school, something to which everyone relates, and hopefully have very fond memories of. Another life experience we all share, a common ancient feeling, a place in our souls to re-boot emotionally. You are SO thoughtful and have such a precious heart…..looking forward to visiting Tammyville or Tammytown some day!!!!! HUGS!!

  19. im smiling. bravo lisa. and what a lovely way to stay connected.

    1. Thank you, Deborah!!!! I just know so many wise women (like you) who have important things to share with each other, and I hope this will provide a platform for all the residents of this ‘ville, LOL!

  20. Congrats Lisa, You go girl. Love your banner, portrait and sharing your thoughts.

    1. Thank you Anne!!! I’m trying!! So glad you’re visiting!

  21. Congratulations Lisa and thank you for being a brave soul to begin! I am a fellow flyer who is getting a “late” start, too, but just this week I’ve started building my WordPress blog and site. With your inspiration I will celebrate my Day 1 also. I’m so happy we can have several Day 1’s! I love your banner, too. How did you put that together? Love Lisaville!

    1. Thanks, Vicki! I hope you get started soon, it feels really good! The banner collage was done by my daughter’s boyfriend who is a computer whiz — I have no idea how to do it, sorry!!! There’s just too many things to have to figure out on my own, and this was one of them, and I’m lucky I had help.

  22. Lisa for me, I guess this Day One is just my attempt to be supportive to you and this blog. I have never been a part of something like this because I haven’t wanted to take the time to involve myself in “one more thing”. But you are important to me. Your artwork is beautiful and we can all use some uplifting now and then. I can’t promise you a daily look or chat but I have signed up for the notifications so I can follow you as time permits. Best of luck and great inspiration for all of us to follow our hearts and dreams.

    1. You bring me to tears, Nancy!!! How sweet and thoughtful you are. How lucky I am to be making a friendship with you. I am doing this blog for many reasons, and I am so touched that many of my non-blogger friends are taking an interest. We all have unique journeys and stories to tell, and the longer we’ve been on earth the more there is to share. I’m hoping this becomes a place where we can share commonalities and uplift each other.

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