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Have Faith

IMG_2871Have faith in the beauty of your world.  Trust in the beauty of your dreams.

This post is about FAITH, and the possibilities of what it means.  This is not about religion, per se, unless you want it to be.  Something I’ve noticed that distresses me greatly is how so many women have lost faith in how beautiful their hopes and dreams are.  Because “life” has gotten in the way or crushed their spirit or it might feel like they are trying to hold onto something that has passed them by.  Almost like they are embarrassed to have crazy wild fairy tale dreams.

Well, guess what, the fairy tale life dream still exists in your heart.  It just might be buried very very deep.  Look at a sunset, a butterfly, a babbling creek through your little girl eyes.  Its the same beautiful world that we have always been in.  Its just our experiences that have perhaps dulled our perceptions of it, colored it gray.IMG_2879I truly believe that if we all, as women, really had faith in our dreams — that they are important, worthy and still possible — then there wouldn’t be room for comparing and judgment and self-loathing.  It’s confidence.  It’s strength.  So what if she’s younger/prettier/richer/smarter/more successful/has a loving mate/better behaved children/whatever it is that we may feel we lack at that moment.  If we truly believe in and work toward our own dreams, then whatever anyone else is doing and achieving really has no bearing on us.  There’s infinitely more than enough beautiful dreams and possibilities to go around.  And it’s her dreams and their dreams and your dreams and my dreams that make this world, our world, YOUR world the greatest gift to ALL of us..IMG_2881It is so important for us, as women, to support and love each other.  Nothing good comes from tearing each other down or belittling someone else’s dreams.  The world needs all the diversity it can get, and then some.  Have faith in everybody’s dreams.  The physical beauty of our world is the best reminder to me of what is possible,  Have faith in that beauty. And trust that your dreams are essential to keeping this world humming along.IMG_2874These are TRUTH CARDS that I created for a group of women with whom I am sharing a beautiful week.  Truth cards are handmade gifts, intended to remind the recipient of, well, a really true TRUTH.  If you’ve never made one, I highly recommend it.  There’s no particular design or pattern to follow:  just a piece of cardboard or stiff paper, with the word or words of truth on it.  Can be decorated, or not, as desired.  No artistic talent required, for those that think that they don’t possess that talent (hello, I know you do!).  And making them for yourself is a great way to validate your own true dreams and hopes.  Make lots of them.  Place them around your home, your work area, give them freely to friends and family.  Its a heartfelt form of love to remind others and YOURSELF how precious and important your hopes and dreams are. IMG_2879editWhat do you HAVE FAITH in?  Do you trust your dreams?  Or do you somehow feel like they can’t possibly come true?  Why not?

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  1. How much do I love you? Forever & ever! Such beautiful, loving, kind words that we all need to hear. Thank you sweet friend, sister, confidant, roomie!

    1. My wise dear humorous new BFF!!! You of all people know the power of kind words and slowing down to listen. I have one million percent faith in your beautiful power.

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