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’nuff said!!!!

I mean, really, is there any doubt?  You know how little girls are crazy about glitter and gaudy rhinestone encrusted anythings?  And then what happens as we mature and are told that’s cheap and tacky and so unsophisticated.  So then our love of sparkle and shiny is perhaps transferred to a yearning and a reaching for expensive gems, telling ourselves that its a “good investment” and will give us a little “security”.  Diamonds are a girls best friend?  Really, how funny and sad is that.  Let’s not fool ourselves.  Its ALL about the *****BLING******

Well I’m way past all that now.  I’m here to declare that anything that catches LIGHT and makes it DANCE, anything that BRIGHTENS and SPARKLES and makes you take notice, anything that is just over the top in its GLITTERY GOODNESS is something I can never get enough of!  No apologies!!!!  And why not?  BLING is not frivolous.  It’s eye candy:  pure visual delight with not excuses, no big deep meaning, just fun.  Diamonds or cubic zirconia, who cares?  Glitter, sequins, pailettes, rhinestones, princess cut, square cut, marquis cut, cut glass?  Bring it on.  It’s all GOOD, it’s girly, its just fabulous.  Here in Lisaville, where we honor the little girl in all of us, BLING RULES!!!!IMG_3087I may have already mentioned that I love to go hunting for blingy treasures in junk stores.  Old broken costume jewelry is my favorite.  Sometimes I just fix it up and polish it and wear it as originally intended.  But more often, I use the pieces in my art work.  I love to combine and add and juxtapose things that wouldn’t normally want to go together.  I love bold shapes and big colors.  I much prefer an old used piece of jewelry because of its history, whether I know what that is or I imagine it.  I love the idea that someone else has loved and cherished this piece and now it’s being passed on to me.  I’m helping it continue on its journey, and I hope that spirit gets infused into it as it morphs into a piece of art or another use.IMG_3088Before I felt so free to re-purpose and transform old or broken jewelry, I used to feel it was disrespectful to alter it in any way.  So instead of feeling like I was carrying on the spirit and love of those who had cherished the pieces before me, I felt like I was dis-honoring their memories.  Then one day my mom gave me her beautiful engagement ring, circa 1950, with a nice diamond in the center and a delicate gold setting.  I already had a couple other old small delicate diamond rings, which had belonged to my grandmother and my mother-in-law.  So there these 3 old rings sat in my jewelry box, un-worn because of their delicacy, yet it felt so wrong for them not to be enjoyed and cherished.  When I mentioned this to my mom, she told me to take them all to a jeweler and have them melted down and combined into one ring that I could enjoy.IMG_3092So now I have a ring I wear all the time because it is heavy and tough, with no delicate edges AND it is made from the 3 rings I inherited from 3 of the most important women in my life.  How wrong I was to feel that changing their rings would somehow not honor them!  I think of them every day when I feel this ring, and their love is with me constantly.  That is the best kind of BLING.

PLEASE LEAVE A COMMENT AND LET US KNOW:  how has your relationship with BLING evolved – or not – over your lifetime?  What does BLING mean to you?  Are you an unabashedly unapologetic BLING-lover?  Is BLING important?

9 thoughts on “BLING is GOOD

  1. This is such a great idea! I have the same situation and I don’t know what to do. thank you for the idea and the really awesome perspective!

    1. Thank you, Carmen!

  2. Lisa, I TOTALLY LOVE your sharing!!! I so very much agree with you! Sparkly always seems to brighten my outlook too……The “bling” is fun and adds a little umph – as it should! Why do we label bling as tacky and cheap…so not right! I love the sparkly-ness when using glitter (craft store herpes as my family refers to it), I love the shimmer of metallic strands in fabric, and I LOVE rhinestones in just about anything! It is such a joy to watch a child decorate his/her artwork with glitter, first to watch the joy of the creation and secondly to note their pleasure (and proudness) when they share. (And there is never too “much” bling to them! The more the merrier!) I love how you combined the bling of three precious rings to create just the right ring to remember all the special ladies by. Truly inspirational! As always, I love venturing into Lisaville! You are a precious blingy friend!

    1. Thanks, my BLING sister, LOL!!!! The best part of using glitter IS the clingy-ness of it (the herpes reference) and the fact that you can never really get rid of it — little specks keep reminding you of the fun!! And you of all people, teaching little artists to have fun, appreciate that lingering reminder. Love you and see you soon!

  3. Steve calls me a “trout” for my magnetic attraction to such zingy blingy things. I love your ring story! In your honor I’m going to hang up my kitchen window and front windshield prisms again ~ I can’t get enough of those rainbows! I think Pollyanna, with the prism scene, made a big impression on me….! Love to visit you in Lisaville dear!

    1. I LOVE that, Ms. Trout!!! Yes, crystals must be unleashed and adorn every possible light-catching hook. I just re-watched Pollyanna and was delightfully reminded by the prism scene. We are two Pollyanna’s strolling through Lisaville and Lauraville, reveling in our shiny sparkly world! I love you so much Laura!!!

  4. You inspire me to continue being me Lisa. People have always tried to tame me but I’m not going to listen anymore. I feel free now to express my creativity in whatever way pleases ME, not anyone else. Thank you for this reminder. Love you!! xoxo

    1. Go glitter up your sweet self, Kellye!!!! And maybe you should cover your mirror in glitter so you avoid seeing your post-op bruises, just sayin’!! xoxoxox

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