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Look at what I found on the afternoon of the Summer Solstice, right outside my door…..IMG_3810A fully intact lovely snakeskin, not discarded but gifted to me, I know this for sure.  A powerful message for me.  And a validation of what I have been doing these past few months, since the last time I posted here.  Shedding the old to embrace the new.  Still loving the past me, the skin I inhabited, appreciating all its gifts and how it protected me.  How it sometimes defined me.

No accident that this gift arrived on the Solstice.  The longest day of the year, a huge turning point in the life of this planet.  A day filled with so many spiritual connections.  And its always my favorite day of the year.  I’m a sun worshipper!

I’ve moved into my next chapter.  Hence my absence from this blog.  Not abandoned, just a hiatus…….while I gathered my goals and labored and played and made and dreamt and cherished and prayed and nurtured and taught and listened and launched…….

I have big plans!  And they will be revealed little by little over the next year.  If you have read this far, THANK YOU, and I hope you’ll continue to witness and perhaps join me in this journey.  If nothing else, I will try to be as authentic as possible and share the missteps as well as the triumphs.  At least it should be worth a few smiles or laughs.


So my first order of business is to present myself as I truly am.  To put my money where my mouth is!  I’m always preaching about how we should all accept our genuine selves, our physical “shortcomings”, our age, our whatever.  But the doing is so much harder than the preaching!!!!!  Believe it or not, I have obsessed over changing my Facebook profile pic for the past 3 days!!!!  I took this selfie right after I had my haircut, still wet, on a gloomy rainy day in my car.  I thought, what the heck, the old profile pic is 5 years old.  I have aged.  I have gained weight.  I have changed in oh so many ways.  And while the physical ways may not be what is desired in our media culture — actually they are considered to be the 2 biggest turn-offs, weight and age — I really truly do love the ME that is here today a zillion times more than the 2008 version.  Because I have learned sooooooooooooooooo much.  And I am so much clearer on who I am and how I want to be and the impact I want to leave on this world.

So what is it I’ve been doing since I stopped regularly posting here back in March?  Well for one thing I’ve been shepherding my youngest child toward independence.  No small task.  He requires well, let’s just say, a lot of extra parenting.  Every milestone with him (graduation, job hunting, drivers license) is a MAJOR accomplishment.  Here he is having fun on one of our nightly driving lessons.  And yes, more gray hairs have emerged….

IMG_3793Joy is not a regular visitor to his psyche, so I cherish every second that we get to experience it together.  Even as I grip the door handle……..

Internally, I have been doing lots of work.  Lots of soul-tending.  Lots of illumination.  I have taken some very profound soul journeys and met and re-kindled some very dear and important-to-me kindred spirits.  Not accidental connections, not random.  Fully intentional.  Validating.  Earth-shifting.  I realize what is possible, and that what is possible has always been within me.   Most importantly I realize that I want to make this chapter, at this later stage of life, really mean something, to me.  To the original authentic me.  To acknowledge and honor the dreams that have been inside me for over 50 years.  Shedding the old skin, the old much-beloved labels — mom, wife, architect, daughter, friend, creative — not discarding but making way for a new meaning for those labels.  Defined on my own terms.  A shiny fresh new skin…..

IMG_3811See, this is how I know that the shed skin was not a random occurrence.  Because I met this beauty a couple hours later, 50 feet away, as I was walking barefoot along the path.  She came out to greet me and walked, well slithered, along side me for a while.  At my pace.  There was no repulsion by me, no aggression by her.  So yeah, I noticed.  A powerful totem.  OK, sledgehammer from above!  I get it!  TRANSFORMATION!!!!!!  Gosh, I can be dense, but not this time.

One aspect of my big new plans is starting a business with my daughter, Christina.


Actually, it would be many aspects and she would actually be my step-daughter, to be accurate.  We are making things.  We are starting to sell things.  We are going to gather women together and share the blessings of our world.  We are going to teach and learn.  We are going to help girls and women.  And men.  We want to help change the world.  Big dreams.  Stay tuned.


IMG_3640“You are never too old to set another goal or dream a new dream…..”                                  – C.S. Lewis

Thank you for visiting Lisaville!!!!  I’d love to hear your thoughts or comment….. it REALLY means a lot to me and its so nice of you!!!!  I’d especially love to hear about any transformations you’ve been making, any new shifts, any shedding.   And I’ll leave you with this gorgeous photo of a bloom from a 60+year-old rhododendron tree.  See, beauty knows no age limitations…….

IMG_3603I’ll be back soon!!!!



49 thoughts on “Shedding……

  1. So excited for you. Can’t wait to see what is ahead!

    1. Me neither! Thanks, September!!!!

  2. oh snake how i love you! do you know the snake woman song?! i am going to vox you and sing some of it to you!! love seeing this post Lisa! Arrroooooo!! xx

    1. Oooooooooooo, you got me all excited!!! Snake woman song? May need to become my anthem. Love you beauteous one xoxoox

  3. this makes me soooo soooo SOOOOO HAPPPPY!!!!!!!!!! What a lucky world we live in with YOU jumping into it 100% – LUCKY US! I love you, I love your dreams, I love your heart……I love your gifts……I can’t wait to see where this all goes!! YAYYY!!!!!

    1. Awwww, Melody, you make me cry!!! You see me and you help me and I love you to bits!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wouldn’t have the courage if it wasn’t for you. for. reals.

  4. Cheering you on Lisa! Thanks for sharing….excited for you and Christina and the adventure that is ahead for you both!

    1. Oh thank you, Kim! I hear you cheering, yes I do!!! We are so so excited and we’ll keep you posted, cuz you and Betty may need to come visit us xoxox

  5. Yay Lisa!!! You know I am IN when you are ready for some help from your friends! Loving your big heart and your big dreams!! xo

    1. Absolutely, italianissima!!!!!! I love you and your awesome dreams too xoxoxox

  6. Thanks for sharing your dreams and opening up your heart. Wishing you all the best and look forward to your posts. 🙂

    1. Sandy, thank you, you are the cat’s meow!!!

  7. Miss Lisa,
    Love! Love it ALL! I cannot wait to hear (and see) all the wonderful things that you and Miss Christina have in store! Not only for the creativity that will transpire and inspire, but also the relationships treasured (and built), the reality of dreams being carried out, and the eternal hope that will be springing! Girlfriend – you are a gem!
    Much Love,
    The Tamster

    1. TamTam, I love you so! YOU are the gem! I look forward to your being a big part of this too!!!

  8. Lisa: If I could jump-up and kick my heels together I would. So excited for you and Christina. I already bought a bracelet from her. Flags of support waving for you up here in Washington. So very happy for you both.

    1. I know, Betty, we were both so excited — you were her first sale!!! We love you and miss you and see those waving flags and we can’t wait to see you again xoxoxo

  9. Lisa what an inspiring and honest post, I can hardly wait to see what you are up to! I’m sure it will be amazing, like you. Love your big heart, big dreams.
    For reals.
    xo love ya, Joelle

    1. Love ya too, missy!!!! You’ll be hearing ALL about it, teehee!!!!!!!!

  10. Oh Lisa this is so beautifully written! Every single part moved me! You are the real deal my friend! I smiled my way all through this post! Your dreams are coming true and the world already is a better place because of you! I will be here or even there cheering you on! Love you!

    1. Yes, you WILL be here, Kam!!! We just have to work out all the logistics, lots of them, but it’s all looking really really good!!! Thank you for your kind words, dear friend xoxoxo

  11. Miss Lisa! Thanks for bringing me here to read your words of wisdom. You should already know how much I love and admire you. You have become my friend and mentor so I will be following along and working towards making my own difference in the world. You ROCK!

    1. Your big ginormous heart touches me so deeply, Annie!! And I feel honored to be able to come along and witness your amazing journey — you embody HOPE for me!!

  12. This all sounds exciting and refreshing. Now when are we going to get together????????

    1. Let’s make a plan!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Such a profound and beautifully written blog post Lisa!!! Love!! Excited to see what you and Christina create together and wish you oodles of joy and success on your new ventures!! ❤

    1. Thank you sooooooo much, dear sweet heart love xoxoxoxxo Having you as my friend already feels like success.

  14. YAY!! So happy for you!!! 🙂 I can’t wait to see what all the unfolding brings!!

    1. Thanks, Brigid!!! We gotta keep looking forward and up, sister xoxoxox

  15. I love your spirit and your soul…and Christina’s as well. You two will make a great team. I am so lucky i got to meet you at BGC!!! and I can’t wait to see what you do. I am converting my garage into something? don’t know how it will be but the finalization date is Aug 6th. . because Life Restoration begins then and I’m hosting it here with some women who I know who are hurting deeply. and they are excited. Love your FB profile pic by the way – – because that is the Lisa I now know!! 🙂 so happy that you are heading into such light and making a difference!

    1. Your kindness touches me deeply, Darlene, you’re making me teary!!! YOU are such a warm loving soul — I’m so happy to hear about your hosting your friends, such a gift to them!!!!! I feel lucky to know you too, and I can’t wait to se how both our journey’s continue to unfold. xoxoxox

  16. I’m cheering for you Lisa! Can’t wait to see (and hopefully experience) your next chapter! I love you sweet friend!

    1. I hope you get to experience my next chapter too!!! And me yours, brave warrior xoxoxoxox

  17. Love this post sweet Lisa!! You are an inspiration! Loves & hugs to you!

    1. Back at you, Pati girl!!!! xoxoxox

  18. Lisa, I’m a fellow flyer from Kelly Rae’s class…just now happily discovering you and this poignant and beautifully written post! I’m inspired by your bravery, authenticity and spirit…can’t wait to see what good stuff comes out of your exciting new endeavor! Wishing you all the best…

    1. Thank you so much, Barbara!! I’m very touched by your kindness. Very nice to meet you!!!!

  19. Love love love you!!!!

    1. Not one iota as much as I love you!

  20. Such a privilege to love you and join your journey. I’m beaming with pride and inspired so much by your presence through your words and the authenticity YOU share EVERYDAY………

    1. Mountain Girl, you make my eyes misty like a mountain morning…..some day we will walk together on both our mountains xoxoxo

  21. Just so so happy for you and so excited to see what’s next, my beautiful friend!

    1. Thank you so much, lovely heart goddess!!!!

  22. I am SO HAPPY for you Lisa! I can’t wait to see what kinds of treats you offer the world!

    1. And thank you so much for persisting in trying to post here!!!!!! Your friendship makes me feel SO blessed xoxoxo

  23. What a beautifully unfolded post, Lisa. Thank you for inviting us on your transformative journey. There comes a time when we all have to step-back a wee bit and re-evaluate our now-ness and whether or not it’s working for us as we would wish it to. I’ve been hovering above a crevice of change myself lately and need to act on it — so this post was a perfect, “Get to it and Do it,” for me. Blessings!

    1. Wow, that’s so great to hear, Robin! I’m glad this post spoke to you — that means the world to me. We are a constant process of transformation, and I love hearing about others’ journeys.

  24. There is no question when I read this Lisa…you are truly a BRAVE girl 🙂 I loved reading this post.

    1. Thank you so much, Maria!

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