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Back to the FUTURE

TA-DA!!!!!!!!IMG_4349 Look what happened!!!  It happens every August, and only for the month of August, a complete and awesome miracle.  Those busy little roots work all year, put out gorgeous green foliage in the winter, and then take it all back in for spring and early summer in order for this explosion to burst out in August.  You see, we can’t give up hope.  We just can’t let go of our faith!!!!  All our hard work, every step, every hour, every day of the year will eventually produce a GLORIOUS MIRACLE that is always more amazing than we can imagine.  I am gobsmacked by these Naked Ladies every year.  I will never take them for granted.  They are intensely beautiful.

In our daily lives, as we busily buzz around multi-tasking and working and taking care of our loved ones and trying to squeeze in a little time for ourselves, it’s not all wine and roses.  Even as I’m checking off my to do list, feeling like I’m accomplishing something, life has a funny way of pulling in the reins and reminding me of things I cannot possible “solve” or “finish”.  Disrupting my carefully wrought humming nirvana.  Sometimes I feel like this old houseIMG_4232Sturdy, still standing, yet supporting the weight of the world, seemingly impossible to continue on like this.  But I do.  You do.  We do.  Now somebody please go get a chainsaw.

Well, really, we’re responsible for our own chainsaws.  For cutting away the weighty crap that pushes us down, torments us, makes us worry-warts.  And that is what I’ve been doing — sawing and cutting and trimming.  Looking up and forward.  Because I’m consciously continuing to go back to the future.  Shedding these old ways and beliefs that weigh me down.  That hold me back.  That stop me from living my dreams.  Loving those around me, and not trying to save them any more.  Before this old gal collapses under the weight of all that crap.

There are many steps to my dream.  One huge one is the one I talked about in my last post, creating retreats.  Another one is to create a viable business by selling my art.  And that’s what I’ve been doing these past few months, making things.  Meet Tea PartyIMG_4417This is a TREASURE STICK.  That’s what I call them.  They are “candlesticks” made out of old things, discarded things, old figurines, junk, trash, fun stuff.  They are combined into themes that strike my fancy.  A little tongue in cheek.  A wink and a nod, and hopefully brings a smile too.  Giving this old detritus a new life, re-purpose for the purpose of, well, FUN.  

Fun is very important to me.  I take fun very seriously.  In fact, there is no point to life, for me, if there is no fun involved.  I refuse to live without it.  And I hope you do too.  Seriously.  Here’s Blue MooIMG_4321Every step of the process of making my ‘sticks is fun.  Of course the hunting and the gathering, aka junking, is very very fun.  To me its like the ultimate shopping expedition, looking for something that calls out to me, something that is dusty and ignored, or chipped and discarded, yet I hear its tune.  And it always fits.  Every piece is a treasure, and many have a history of being loved and cherished, I just know it.  I have had so many serendipitous moments during these expeditions, just the perfect piece appearing, the one that makes all the other pieces go together and make sense, like here, RodeoIMG_4311I mean, when I found that Wyoming creamer, do you think I whistled and hopped up and down with excitement?  You would be right.  It’s called the thrill of the hunt.

So I make these, and lots of other things, paintings, signs, jewelry, and on and on.  And what to do with them?  One thing I am decidedly not good at is marketing.  That’s not uncommon for many of us creatives.  I’ve read and I’ve e-coursed and I’ve picked people’s brains, but in the end it just isn’t that fun for me.  Until I sell something.  Then its mega ultra beyond FUN.  Then it becomes possibility.  And sharing with the world.  And hopefully creating smiles.  I want to be the cause of lots of smiles.  I want to be the badass smile maker.  Meet PrincessIMG_4296Turns out that every step of this  selling journey is fun.  Designing business cards.  Buying shipping boxes!  Yes!  That is fun!!!  Setting up credit card payments.  It can seem overwhelming, but I look at it as an adventure.  Diving into the cold huge pond feels so good, so alive.  So into my future.

Lo and behold, a new opportunity opened up to me a couple weeks ago.  One that I didn’t realize I wanted, and needed.  To take my sticks out into the public.  So far they’ve only been seen as photos online.  Now, Lisaville will have its public debut!IMG_4455I live just outside of a lovely little hamlet called Duncans Mills.  The town itself is more of a quaint collection of gift shops and galleries and restaurants rather than a real town, so to speak.  Every year, we have this Antique Marketplace, which is really a fun outdoor fair with music and food and lots of antiques sellers.  Because my treasure sticks are made with re-purposed “vintage” collectibles, I qualify to be in this marketplace!  And YOU ARE INVITEDIMG_4456After this, I will officially open my store to sell my art productions online.  So stay tuned.  And come on by this weekend.  I’d LOVE  to see YOU!!!!  Think about it, as you ponder why I call this one PhilosophyIMG_4412Can you name that Greek philosopher?  Hint: its what he’s holding that is his trademark.  Google it.   And leave your answer in a COMMENT.  There’s a 10% discount prize to anyone who gives me the correct answer.  That’s once I get my online store up and running, natch.  In a week or two.

Regardless,  I’d LOVE IT IF YOU LEFT A COMMENT HERE anyway!!!  Communication rocks!!!!!!  And so does LOVE, which I send out to you, always.




16 thoughts on “Back to the FUTURE

  1. Lisa, YOU are a treasure. And awesome. I love them all! Congratulations! xoxo J

    1. Come on down, Joelle, my fellow treasure!!!

  2. I love them Lisa!!!! So so so awesome! I am wishing you the best of luck this weekend, and I can’t wait to hear all about it.!! I wish I lived closer.

    Sending love to you,

    1. I love you, Coreena!!!!

  3. Wonderful Whimsey by Lovely Lisa! Love this new adventure! Just wish I could come and wander around the marketplace and go treasure hunting with you!

    1. Our treasure hunting day will come again, Kam!

  4. Your gorgeous, unique, funky, quirky art left a smile on my face! All the best with the Duncan Mills event!:)

    1. Oh I’m so glad I made you smile <3

  5. Amazing! I love love love everyone 🙂 Best of luck this weekend!!!

    1. Thanks, Glory!

  6. Yay! I LOVE those candlesticks (as you know)! And I am going to guess the philosopher is Diogenes, who carried a lamp in the daytime. I am so excited for you & love you so so so much!

    1. Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!!!!! You are correct, Ms. Taba!!! Brilliant awesome you <3

  7. Love your treasure sticks, Lisa. Hope it’s a fabulous weekend for you!

  8. Lisa: You sure have been busy. I can just imagine the fun of scouting around and finding all these treasures. Looking forward to browsing your “shop” and the possibility of retreats. I like that you took your architecture side and melded it with whimsical design. So very creative!!!

  9. I do not know who the philosopher is but your treasure sticks DO make me smile. Thanks for sharing them. What is the price range of them?

    1. Thanks so much for your interest, Trisha! I just love making these.
      Go here to see all my listings so far:

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