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IMG_4650  There’s an old-fashioned term used in wood building construction called SISTERING.  I’ve always found it to be an interesting term, especially in this predominantly male-centric endeavor, the world of building structures.  It means to repair weak floor joists by attaching new joists right along side, to provide the extra support the older joist needs.Sistering-Floor-Joist

The older joist is not removed and discarded, it has support added by its sister joist.  So the two become stronger than one.  They help each other.  The new one doesn’t have to take on the whole burden alone.  It is considered an economical and efficient way to repair sagging or weakened joists.  Well smack me upside the head, what a metaphor is that?????  IMG_4846As a woman in this business for over 30 years, you’d think I would have looked into that term a little deeper.  Interesting indeed that this kind of function was given a feminine name.  Even men recognize the need that women have to support and be supported by each other.  To help support………IMG_4744I’ve been doing a lot of traveling lately.  Participating in different types of circles, retreats, journeys, art workshops.  All exclusively with women.  In most ways its refreshing and so healing to be surrounded by all that feminine energy.  To be brought back to my essence.  To circle with kindreds who get it.IMG_4633To learn from each other.  To teach each other.  To acknowledge each other.  To celebrate the beauty within us, and all around us.  And in so doing, to acknowledge the sacred feminine core within us.  I have learned so much in these past couple of months, that I am still processing and digesting.IMG_4913Buoyed by all the positivity.  Ignited by all the wonder and love and passion around me and within me.  I created the most beautiful piece of art that I have ever made.  It really felt like it was just channeling right through me.  My intuitive self was fully released.IMG_5003I have been sistered all right!!!!!!!!

But there are infinitely more every-day ways that we are all sistered, if we pay attention.  Dear friends who listen to our woes.  Others who encourage our dreams and aspirations, without envy or negativity.  Acquaintances and neighbors who simply live their lives in gratitude, and therefore spread that feeling all around them.  Female relatives who we help and nurture and protect.  Girls who just wanna have fun!IMG_5108And so in going to these various gatherings, instead of looking at it like I am searching for something, I look at it as though I am just honoring my deepest soul’s yearnings for feminine connection.  Through shared creativity.  Through laughing.  Through being in beauty with others who see what I see.Sacred Circles groupI mean, I live on a ranch out in the country.  I work mostly with men, with wonderful people.  But I, like most women, get so caught up in the day to day, the chores, the deadlines, in all the roles we play (mother, wife, worker, etc.), that we never seem to have time for the girl in us.  And it is essential for our emotional and spiritual health to regularly take time for these gatherings and play dates.  It’s not a luxury.IMG_5198

So the quickest way to get back to that place, that girl’s soul place, is to open your heart to another woman who meets you there in that same place herself.  And you have an automatic friend for life.  A kindred soul.  Who gets you.  IMG_4735

And all is suddenly and again right with the world.  That’s my prescription for world peace.IMG_4613Write more notes.  Send love and beauty to those who live far away.  And to those who live near.  Don’t hold back your love.  Because the more you open up, the more you share it, this amazing world will continue to open wider and wider.  This here is my love note to you.IMG_4832Sistering is the key.  To unlocking all that ails us.  Don’t you think?

I created the most beautiufl pieWhat does SISTERING mean to you?









44 thoughts on “Sistering

  1. Lisa this post BLOWS ME AWAY! What brilliant insight! Your creativity has blossomed in so many ways too. I love the whole idea of “sistering” one another. You own that, spread that, teach that! I can absolutely identify with it too. You are starting your own Sistering movement! I know I am supposed to tell what sistering means to me but you nailed it! You dear friend are what sistering is all about! Keep it up Sister!

    1. Um, picking self up off floor!! You bless me Kam in SO MANY ways. I just want to circle with you! And with all these other lovely women!!!!

  2. well said Sister!

    1. Hugs to you, Amy!

  3. Lisa you are a wonderful writer — well written, very insightful, encouraging and sisterly said.
    Also, I LOVE the dear picture. It is perfect. I bet you have seen that dear on your property. I am trying as little bit of mixed media painting/collaging. You are a true artist. Thank you so much for sharing!!!

    1. I think I have a thing for deer!!!! More paintings to come for sure. Thank you, Betty, and I would LOVE to se what you’ve been creating — you’re so talented!

  4. Lisa you are my HEROINE! Sistering is a new concept to me, I have never really been in the position of having “girl” friends, always living and working in a man’s world. But I like the way it feels when I connect with another female soul, it is deep and sacred and a safe warm place to land. Sometimes you get that through a note or a call or maybe just a look or a squeeze of the hand. It is just that warm, loving feeling that one give to another that lets you know “everything is going to be ok” Thank you so much for this message of strength, you did nail it, one joist right next to the other. You are a wise and loving sister and I love my journey with you.


      1. Um, yeah, and beyond

    2. OK, now crying. I love you to bits, Annie! We definitely have that in common, working in a man’s world. I just feel like feminine connections are so necessary and so ingrained in out dna, that we have to make them happen. And we ARE!

  5. What a beautiful message from a beautiful sister! As the others above have said, you really nailed it. This is a part of my life that has been missing for too many years. Spending time with you and the others in Big Sur was just the beginning for me of reconnecting with sisters in a soulful way that is so very important to our existence. Thank you for your beautiful words and for your beautiful soul. Love and miss you!

    1. I love you, Susan!!! You are such a sweet gentle love. I can’t wait to hear more about your journey and your circling plans. xoxo

  6. Beautifully written piece!! I feel as if I could have written myself, because of the sentiments you expressed. I feel a kindred spirit (or a ‘sister’ in you) Interesting enough I also just came from an art retreat and also took a class from Tracy Verdugo and ALSO painted a deer! (You can see mine on my blog or FB page if you want.) Tracy had me look up the meaning/symbolism of a deer crossing into your life. Very interesting. I LOVE what you have expressed here and plan to share your post. Peace & blessings to you.

    1. Hello Kirsten!! Yes, we are sisters. So nice to meet you. Your painting is GORGEOUS!!!!!! Now you have me scrambling to look up that symbolism, LOL!!! Sending you loving hugs

  7. Love you to the moon and back sweet sister.

    1. And a million rotations around the sun as well. xoxoxoxoxox

  8. Oh my!!! I LOVE THIS AND I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!! What an incredible entry……..

    1. Your enthusiasm is addicting, Mountain Girl!!!! Just hugging you and never letting go! xoxoxox

  9. Lisa I have been on the healing end of your sistering when you sent truth to someone I care about. This article is beautiful, thank you for being a sister. I hope one day to see your beautiful face in person. If not, I know I am still a blessed woman to have met you through facebook groups and classes

    1. I feel the same way about you, Christine. Thank you for reaching out and sharing your heartfelt words with me, and the world. You are a love xoxoxo

  10. amazing post. amazing.

  11. This is beautiful! I knew I wasn’t, as you so beautifully put it, “searching for something”. I just did not know how to say what I really wanted to do. Now I can explain it. I just want to connect with others – to sister and be sistered. Thank you for this post. It really connected with me in every way. You are a blessing, sister!

    1. Thank you so much, Monica. It really is a deep yearning within us, isn’t it?

  12. Oh my sis Lisa–just absolutely loved this one. As an only child, my sisters have always been my friends and I have some amazing ones. I can’t believe all these wonderful retreats you’ve been going to. What a fabulous experience–one day soon I hope to join you. I want to see you again sooooo much! Kisses my girlfriend

    1. ME TOO, Lisa!!! I really would love to see you LIVE, LOL!!!! xoxoxoxo

  13. I love this Lisa. Thank you for putting into words something so magical. I have emailed it to my sister who would be my friend even if she wasn’t my sister. Lucky me.

    1. You ARE lucky to have a sister who is a SISTER, Leigh-Ann. And so dear of you to recognize and celebrate it. <3

  14. Very well said, Lisa. Here’s to sistering!

    1. xoxoxoxoxxooxxo, Kelli!!!!

  15. Wow, wow, wow!! I love this “sistering” idea & it’s even more profound thinking back to March 2013, when you saw my weakness & sistered me through my fears, anxieties & self-doubt!! I love this idea & to me, it means supporting those in times of weakness to make the end result stronger, more able to hold up. I love you Lisa!! Thank you for your insights & please know, you have a sister in me!

    Btw, that artwork is beyond beautiful & amazing!

    1. I love you Pati and can’t wait to spend some more sistering time with you!

  16. Hi Lisa,
    This is a lovely post!
    I was so happy to be at Tracy’s workshop with you in Petaluma, what a wonderful retreat.
    I hope to go back next year.
    I’m partially in your photo,on the right with the grey and pink patterned top and black shorts:)
    It’s great to see some photos, I didn’t have any taken of myself.
    I have one of you that I can email you if you like.
    I remember looking across the room and seeing the beautiful eyes on your doe, and my breath was taken away. It’s gorgeous.
    Hope to see you at another retreat,sister:)
    What retreats have you enjoyed?
    All the best,

    1. Of course I remember you, Vicki, and your sparkly eyes and beautiful smile! Thanks so much for your kind words. I really hope to be there again next year. Email me! Let’s keep in touch. xoxo

  17. So many women/girls need this creative community. I am in a new local after being supported in so many life-saving ways through my sisters. How I miss the hugs and laughter. Recreating or beginning again takes inspired focus and a bit of letting go of what was…in order to walk thru new doors.

    1. Good luck to you, Mary, in finding a new community — there are “sisters” everywhere! You will find them, or should I say, they will find you.

  18. Ohmy! Absolutely PRECIOUS!!!

    I absolutely love the building analogy! We speak (in education) of having a strong foundation upon which to build. We must have a strong, supportive foundation or our building can come a-tumbling. What happens when the structure has weathered a few storms, so to speak, and something within becomes weakened? Remodeling and rebuilding must happen to help repair the damage – often to keep further damage from occurring. The term “sistering” is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!! We all have our weakened areas that NEED sistering!

    Thank you so much for your poetically insightful reminders – it is ESSENTIAL for us to take due care!

    We are so blessed to have your words of wisdom that so gently and KINDLY provide these reminders. I cannot wait until “Camp Lisa” is launched! So many girls will provide and receive the SISTERING that hearts are yearning for!

    You ROCK girlfriend!

    Much Love,

    1. Not half as much as YOU ROCK, dear Tam!!!!!!! We will do this together!!!! xoxoxoxxo

  19. your post is amazing. . .your painting intoxicating!!! I am personally in an art funk. trapped in my head unable to release I am waiting for Tracey’s book as I was out west inbetween Albuquerque & Austin.

    1. Thank you so much, Dana. Tracy is indeed a catalyst for amazingness!!!!! Would you friend me on FB? I’d love to see your art.

  20. What a lovely post! Well said!

  21. Thank you for being a sister friend to me…love you!

  22. Sistering…..She is someone who gets me. I don’t have to hardly explain anything because it is like she has known the whole time. She is someone who is brought into my life for such a time as this, to help me to see my worth and that I’m not alone.

  23. Beautifully said Lisa!! I have been discovering this over the past year and you sum it up so wonderfully! Keep letting your beautiful intuitive self shine 💕

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