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Just in time…..YES

I love to make things.  Things that have meaning as well as being pretty.  Things to wear or to display.  Things that make me happy and hopefully make the recipients happy.


Its all about joy and whimsy for me.  And when people request something from me, I couldn’t be happier!  So when I posted one of my YES necklaces on FB got a little response for more, I was thrilled.IMG_1579My husband asked me what was the significance of YES on these pendants.  I told him it really was what anyone wanted it to be.  For me, its all about positivity and possibility, about being wide open, of moving forward with intention.  Everything that walls and stoplights and glasses-half-empty are not.  I love that this word of all words starts discussions.  I love the boldness.  The utter simplicity.  The universality of YES.IMG_1556And so I have re-stocked my ETSY shop.  Click on the ETSY box on the right to go there and see all that I have to offer right now.  Necklaces, cards, prints, and more coming soon.IMG_5742All my profits are going into a fund for an art and soul project I’m developing to help young adults who have aged out of the foster care system.  Much more on that later.  Right now we are building the space to hold this dream.IMG_1596So please go check out my shop

And say YES





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