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This is my life



All this month of December I have been participating in a daily practice, billed as “Brave Girls Club December Dare”.  What started out as a fun exercise soon became something much more.  As these kinds of practices usually do.  IMG_2076Once the fun lark of it wears off, then the challenge becomes sticking to it, making it fresh every day.  BGC gave us a list for a specific dare for each day.  And since everything I post on Facebook, Instagram and Tumblr is totally public, it was usually a challenge to find something that was both personal yet guarded mine and my family’s privacy.

For example, “#1 I love this” and “#4 I made this” were pretty simple to come up with.  Actually there were too many choices.  Yet dares such as “#12 This comforts me” or “#13 This is who I am” went much deeper.  I made it a personal challenge to stick with the first thought that came into my head and be totally honest about it.  And sometimes that was quite an emotional conundrum: how much is it safe for me to reveal?  And what to pick? Always, in anything I post, my intent is to be uplifting, genuine and try to present ideas in a way that might help someone else.  And so often, I went out of my comfort zone.   IMG_1834And the reactions and comments I got absolutely amazed me.  The more revealing, the more it touched others.  I have been told that my presence on Facebook is kind of mysterious.  Sweet and uplifting, but I guess not very revealing about the person behind the posts.  That has never been my intent.  I need to loosen up!  So OK, challenge accepted! IMG_1872My criteria for my posts has always been “would I mind if it was on the national news?” And now when I think about that phrase it makes me laugh.  Because to me, that refers to the national news in the 1960’s, when we as a society were so much more innocent.  Nothing in the news really shocks me anymore, having just about heard it all.  So why do I think that anything I might share would be inappropriate?  I think I trust myself enough to have discernment.  We shall see……..IMG_1842I have learned a lot from this month of dares and it is going to make me a better blogger and post-er.  It’s been another way of practicing gratitude.  And so I highly recommend doing some sort of daily simple word and visual practice.  It’s turned out to have been an excellent and big mental exercise and commitment, especially for my aging ADD brain.  So I will forge ahead, go deeper and relate more of my experiences, in the hope that it will help more people.  IMG_2025STAY TUNED!!!!!


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