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It’s OK

So what is Lisaville, you wonder?  Or maybe the question is, why is Lisaville?  Is there some grand scheme here?  Some commercial plan?  It’s kinda mysterious…….

I don’t have a well-conceived answer, other than it’s a place for me to put forth ideas and images that I feel might point to the wonder and goodness of this crazy world of ours.  I try things, and I share them.  It’s a place for play.  I am inconsistent and share when the mood, or need, strikes me.  There is no organizing agenda, no secret plan for social media domination.  Whomever this touches, then that is what is meant to be.  It’s my little world and I invite you in to share it and participate.  I don’t have a manifesto — too much work — but if I did it would include proclaiming gratitude, love, faith, belief in the innate goodness of every human being, the need for community and healing, our responsibility to help others and always always filling life with color and fun and laughter.


In that vein, I started this little series I’m calling “It’s OK”.  What inspired it was listening to some friends talk about their hopes and fears and questioning how to move forward.  It seemed like they knew the answers already, but the negative whispers and self-doubt kept creeping in.  We do tend to over-analyze an awful lot, don’t we?  I certainly do!  Often to the point of paralysis.

And so when I think of words that soothe me, voices from my past, and what often grounds me, it’s these two little words:  It’s OK.  As a child being cuddled by my parent or grandparent, as a spouse being hugged by my husband, even as a mother being soothed by my child.  Those two words have such power.  For me, they tend to wipe out the doubt immediately.


So the the words on these signs are deliberately ordered like this:  Word of action (with feelings of doubt popping up immediately), soothing reassuring (it’s ok), then reducing it all to the simplest clearest thought (just do-whatever-the-word-is).  It’s a quieting of the negative whispers, of all they reasons one has for not doing the simple pure action of that particular word.  For example:  TRY.  I tell myself I need to TRY something, and immediately come up with a dozen reasons why I can’t.  Then the reassuring words:  it’s ok.  And finally the deep serenity, the reducing to its simplest meaning of JUST try.  I actually hear a soothing voice saying these words to me.


I love to take photos.  And I live in a place with an incredible number of photo ops.  But really, we all do.  It’s all how you look at things.  And so I love to share these photos on Instagram (find me @welcome_to_lisaville) and attach words the images evoke in me.  It’s fun and I love it when it touches someone.  There is no grand plan, no secret scheme.  It’s me right here right now.


I may continue this series, or I may not.  Lisaville is all about the freedom to do what is in the moment.  It probably comes as a reaction to my career as an architect, where schedules are long, organization is paramount, and commitment to the outcome is sacrosanct.  I guess its a left brain vs. right brain thing.  And these past few years, my right brain is definitely winning!!!!!!!

And so I encourage you to just go for it!  Try something without having any agenda for its outcome.  For purely the fun and the joy of trying something that speaks to your heart and soul.  Whether or not anyone else is touched by it.  But guess what, if you continue to go for it, someone will be touched by it.  I know this for sure.



2 thoughts on “It’s OK

  1. Lisa, you are a bright light. I appreciate you putting goodness out into the world. I love who you and and what you stand for. xoxo Kallie

  2. Your love and enthusiasm is oozing off the screen. Big hugs. Xoxo

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