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Summertime at Lisaville means BIG NEWS



It’s time for me to revive this beloved blog of mine!!!  Life just keeps happening and there are so many platforms I use for sharing it.  I need to apologize to this blog and my followers here for being absentee for the past 6 months.  So let’s do a quick catch up.

IMG_5054 Summertime here on the ranch is just breathtaking!  From serene quiet sunrise to clear blue warm sky to spectacular gorgeous sunset, I can’t help but be reminded that every day is a gift.  I never feel closer to God than when I’m in nature.


My husband and I are working on a BIG HUGE DREAM of mine that I’ve had for many years.  An ART BARN!!!!!!!!!  He’s converting our unused 100+ year old sheep shearing barn into a big lovely work space and gathering space for me.  We’ve been working on this for the past 3 months.  Well, I’m there for consultation and some clean-up and refreshment service, but he’s doing all the work.  Every day after work, every weekend until it’s done.  He is obsessed with this dream of mine.  And yes, I know I am beyond blessed.  He sees the value and the healing and the soul connections that happen when I gather folks here to do art and commune with this incredible place we live in.


While the hubs has been busy with that huge project, I have been working on my own after-work project.  I’ve been teaching 3-evening courses on soul restoration at a 30-day emergency women’s homeless shelter.  Along with a small group of my soul sisters, we are witnessing unbelievable miracles and shifts and transformations among these students.  It is the biggest blessing to be able to do this work, and it feels really important, that we are using our lifetimes of experience to guide others back to their soul’s purpose.  We are so excited to have MORE BIG PLANS to do this at other venues that serve other at-risk communities, so stay tuned for that……….


So now to the HUMONGOUS NEWS that is directed at you, my followers!!!!!!!  Tomorrow I’ll be announcing my affiliation as a teacher in the new BRAVE GIRLS UNIVERSITY which will open for enrollment on September 1 !!!!!!!!!!  Tomorrow I will have a link here for you to go save a spot for yourself.  So please come back tomorrow to sign up for that.  It’s not a commitment or an obligation, it’s just a way to save yourself a spot when and if you decide to enroll.  And I hope that you do!!!!!!!  And I’m going to tell you why.


I am developing close to a dozen courses for BGU !!!!!!!!  Courses about soulful art techniques, soulful photography, how to go junking and repurpose stuff, how to make things like lamps, art and color theory, crafts like polymer clay, and more.  Things that I have been teaching people informally for years.  Things that people ask me about how to do it all the time!  Well, I’ve kept pretty good mental notes and I’m going to have a basketload of soulful art/photography/crafts courses for you all in one convenient place!!!!  

And even more close to my heart are the soul-tending courses I’m developing…..How to teach like what I’m teaching at the homeless shelter… shame, no blame……sistering…..and more courses that reside in my heart’s experiences that I hope will help others.  This is going to be an amazing platform that the even more-amazing wonder people of Brave Girls Club have developed, and I think it will rock our world!!!!!!!!!


So please check back tomorrow here when I’ll have the SAVE YOUR SPOT LINK for you to use.  And please leave me suggestions for courses or questions about any of this in the COMMENTS below.  Everything I do here I do with LOVE, and it is for YOU because…..




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  1. Can’t wait until tomorrow to reserve my spot!!

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