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YAHOOOOOOOO!!!!!!  It’s official!!!!  Today is the first day you can save your spot for when Brave Girl University opens its doors on September 1!!!!  All you have to do is just click on the photo below and it will take you to a page to enter your email address — there is no commitment or obligation!!!  But that way you’ll hear lots more about what BGU is about over the coming month.  I hope you will enroll and support me by using my photo link here!!!  I’ll be teaching and I’d love for you to join me there.  I talked about this in yesterday’s blogpost, and now I’d like to tell you more……

So what is Brave Girl University?  Well, let me back up a little and tell you about Brave Girls Club.  It was started from scratch 6 years ago by sisters Melody Ross and Kathy Wilkins, a big dream to, quite simply, change the world.  To help brave women around the world find each other, help each other, have fun together, or as they say “with good news, good ideas, good people, and good times.”

They first started by holding retreats up in the beautiful mountains of Idaho, where they pampered the women with art and soul lessons, scrumptious homemade food, lots of laughs and lots of deep connections created.  As word grew and more camps were held, they started producing online courses by Melody so that other women could receive these messages of hope and healing.  The first course was Soul Restoration and, to me, it’s still the gold standard for self-healing work.  Taking that changed my life.  If you know me, you know that I am an avid Brave Girl!!!!

I have been blessed to have attended many camps now, first as a camper and now as a staff member.  The miracles I witness every time, the healing and sistering and connections and fun, well you just have to go there to experience it for yourself!  It is a safe, loving and magical place.  Now the camps are held at Melody’s exquisite Brave River Ranch north of Boise and it just feels like home to everyone who comes.

From seeing and learning from this camp experience, I have been inspired!!  I realized there is so much need for this all over the world.  Not everyone can come to camp!  And the need is particularly acute for people at risk in our local communities.  So I took the plunge and developed a “mini” soul restoration course for a local emergency women’s homeless shelter (see yesterday’s post for more on that).  But I digress……

So back to BGU and its formation.  Among the many deeply creative world-changing ideas hatched by Melody and Kathy, this new platform stands out as a real game-changer.  Brave Girls Club now has something like a quarter of a million followers around the world!  Realizing this gift, and knowing that there are so many soulful creative teachers and guides doing their thing out here with nowhere near the support and reach that Brave Girls Club has, they created a place for all to gather!!!  The vision is a one-stop place for a myriad of diverse teachers and subjects to hold courses.  The only common denominator is that they are soulful.  For a modest monthly subscription, followers will have access to ALL of it.  And that includes all the content from the Brave Girls Club!!!!

I am so excited to be developing art and soul classes for BGU!!!!  Over the years, I have learned so much that I am constantly asked to share with others.  And having come of age before the internet onslaught, I have been slow to jump on this bandwagon.  I think the internet is wonderful and I have taken many online art and soul classes myself, but never had the time or knowledge to create any myself.  It’s like a teacher without a classroom.  So this new platform that Brave Girls Club has created is perfect!!!  I can create my courses and they hold the space!!  I don’t know how many other creatives have signed up yet, but I know it’s a lot.  And the beauty of it is that it will keep growing!!!  I am scrambling to get my first course done in time for the September 1 launch.  And I have plans for almost a dozen more over the next year.

So stay tuned as I continue to revive this little blog of mine.  And please click on the photo below, or the one above, to be taken to the Save A Spot page.  These are my links, and your support means the world to me!!!  You keep me going!!!  And if you have any questions or class suggestions or requests, please leave me a comment below or send me a message.  I’D LOVE TO HEAR FROM YOU!!!!!!!  XOXOXOXOXOXOX

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