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SQEEEEEEE — Brave Girl Symposium News!!!!!

Have you heard the news yet?  Do you know about the inaugural Brave Girl Symposium happening in July in Boise, Idaho??  SISTERHOOD is just getting better and better!!!! Well, let me tell you more about it……and share my big news!!!girl-in-car-GET-THERE-2-symposium-640x952

It’s going to be the most magnificent MAGICAL CELEBRATION and gathering of women from all over the country and the world!  Members of the Brave Girls Club (and if you don’t think you’re a member, I say you are but you just don’t know it yet), teeheehee.  People who have taken the online courses and are yearning to meet their kindred sisters face to face.  Others who follow the good works that BGC is known for and want to revel in the celebration!!!  ART!  SOULFUL SPEAKERS!  MUSIC!  SHOPPING!  COLLABORATIVE PROJECTS!  HUGS!  YOGA!  GIFTS!  SURPRISES!  It’s going to be a total BLAST!!!!!

Learn more details here:  Brave Girl Symposium 2016

OK, so my BIG NEWS is that I am have the huge honor of being one of the speakers!!!!  How awesome is that?  I can hardly believe it!!!  The theme of the Symposium is WHAT CAN LOVE DO?  I will be telling my story about my journey with Soul Restoration and helping homeless people and a whole lot of other things that are all about what LOVE DOES ♥  I do SO want to share this all with you!!!


So maybe you have concerns about the Symposium?  For instance:  you don’t want to come alone and you don’t know anyone else who wants to join you?  Well, let me totally reassure you that you will NOT be ALONE as soon as you step into the GORGEOUS Riverside Hotel in beautiful downtown Boise.  That is what sets the Brave Girls Club experience above all others, imho — you will be WELCOMED with open arms and surrounded by loving women from that moment until the end of the event.  And by then you will have had so many profound HEARTFELT experiences with them that you will be leaving with a whole boatload of new lifelong friends.  I. Am. Not. Exaggerating.  I have seen it happen hundreds of times!


If you have any questions, I would love to answer just about any of them, and if I can’t, I will direct you to someone who can.  Just go up to my “Contact” tab above and send me a note!

I really REALLY hope you’ll follow your heart and come to this amazing unique event!  It’s the first one of many annual events to come!!!  It’s not a convention (though we will be convening).  It is an enormous CELEBRATION of women and bravery and art and FUN and sisterhood and LOVE .  It’s like nothing else you’ve ever experienced, and that is my personal guarantee.  It will be so much better than I can even describe!!!!  

Register here:  Brave Girl Symposium 2016

microphone-ad-640x640 I hope hope HOPE to see you there and experience this wonderfulness together!!!!!! xoxo




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