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2017 Soul Restoration Retreats HERE!!!!!

It’s true!!!!  And I’m SO EXCITED to announce that REGISTRATION is OPEN for both Soul Restoration Retreats I’ll be holding here on our ranch in the Art Barn!!!!  Grab your spot HERE

March 20-24, 2017


June 4-8, 2017

img_9729Come join me in my Art Barn on my family’s gorgeous ranch on the Russian River in Sonoma County, California, for a 5-day, 4-night all-inclusive retreat* where we will do the complete world-famous life-changing Soul Restoration course.  You will be part of a circle of amazing women who are going to do this course together, a tune-up for JOY and HOPE, cleaning out that which holds us back from living our most amazing lives. The lives we are meant to live.  I am a Certified Instructor of this awe-inspiring curriculum, created by Melody Ross and the Brave Girls Club, and I am honored to bring this course to you.


There are so many things that get us out of alignment with who we are and leave our souls in disrepair. We often believe we need to change who we are when we don’t like the way life is going. We don’t need to change who we are…even if we feel like we want our life to change. We just need to RESTORE back to who we have always been.  That is the TRUTH.  And we will be learning what the truth is, and how we have been letting lies intrude on our souls.


We will be journaling and making art and sharing and talking and burning stuff and burying stuff and eating yummy food and laughing and talking about what matters and enjoying the incredibly spectacular beauty of nature on this ranch!!  The miracles you will experience and witness will be life-changing!  And the sistering, the bonding with kindred souls, the connection and the acceptance, will be a lifelong blessing. I can’t tell you enough how deeply these 5 days will touch you and help guide you moving forward in your life, no matter what obstacles you see ahead of you.  This is truly the best kind of soul care.

Version 2 img_0494img_1558There will be music and laughter, campfires and fresh flowers, as well as time for quiet contemplation in these peaceful natural surroundings.  This is a place where time stands still.  Recalibrate to the rhythms of nature, alongside the gentle Russian River, unplug, with the forest, the birds, the amazing sunsets, the animals, the fresh air, the rolling hills of cow pastures, and a goat herd roaming the hills, all conspiring to heal weary souls.  Wonderful fresh homemade food, lots of goodies and gifts, cozy cabins to sleep in, and so many more delights!  Let yourself be loved. Head on over to the Registration page  for more details and to sign up!  Space is limited, so make sure you grab your spot

img_0790img_0020img_1421img_0972 Head on over to the Registration page HERE for more details and to sign up!  Space is limited, so make sure you grab your spot pronto!!!!!


 *not including airfare and/or transportation to the venue.

2 thoughts on “2017 Soul Restoration Retreats HERE!!!!!

  1. I can’t come this year but when you have a skeleton idea on dates for next year, let me know. Would dearly love to join you. ?

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    1. OK, I definitely will, Sallianne!!! I probably won’t know until the fall because the camp I’m using only books about 6-8 months ahead. I would SO LOVE to have you here!!!!!!! xoxoxoxox

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