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EARLY BIRD SPECIAL!!! Only 2 more days!

Soul Sistering Camp is all about celebrating YOU — by honoring and loving your soul through creativity and adventure and sistering.  And until MIDNIGHT, FEBRUARY 28, we have an EARLY BIRD SPECIAL DISCOUNT on your registration!!!  That’s $100 off your registration fee, if you mention this post.img_2472What does heaven on earth look like to you? Does it look like returning to serenity in spectacularly beautiful natural surroundings? Does it sound like days of creative fun and connection with kindred souls? Does it feel like fresh air and relaxing and intentionally unwinding as you reclaim your peace and joy? If so, these camps are for you!!! img_5207Think of this as the most amazing summer camp of your dreams! We will gather together and play and learn and make beautiful things and explore and dream and discover new things and share in a safe, kind and supportive circle of women. This is a place of peace and acceptance and love and inspiration, a much-needed model of how women can come together and, quite literally, change their world. Check out all the details HERE

Contact me for any more questions or details.  We have a spot just for you!!! xoxo


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