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Are you ready for a TUNE-UP?

Well, I’ve got just the ticket for you!!  It’s been a lonnnnnnnnnng year, hasn’t it?  So much turmoil and loss in our world.  A lot of the time it’s hard to keep a positive hopeful outlook.  Especially when you’re dealing with rough stuff in your own life and/or still unable to move forward from past hurts.  Life can just feel so difficult and disconnected.  I know that feeling all too well!!!!

And there’s something else I know very well:  the SOUL RESTORATION curriculum holds the key to what you can learn to soothe your soul.  And I’m teaching it!!!!  Here in my Joy Barn!!!!  Over a very affordable 3-day Veteran’s Day weekend in November!!!  I’m a Certified Instructor of this life-changing course, which changed my life.  I have taught this course to women here, on our ranch, and the basic concepts to hundreds of women staying in homeless shelters — IT WORKS!!!!!  As I have witnessed over and over and over.  And I continue to work it’s lessons when things start to go south in my own life, or when I’m feeling stuck and just blah. IT NEVER FAILS TO RESTORE MY HOPE AND POSITIVE OUTLOOK ON LIFE!

We have a fabulous group of women coming to connect and circle on this magical weekend, and we’d LOVE for you to be a part of it!!!!  Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have ANY questions! xoxo

Come check out more details HERE 

Go directly to SIGN UP HERE

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