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What are you doing on the 24th?

What are you doing the Saturday after next?  I hope you have something fun planned.  If not, you’re invited to come join us here in the Joy Barn in Duncans Mills, California, for an all-day art painting party!!!!  It’s called the MOVING PAINT WORKSHOP.  There’s just a couple spots left!!!!


We’re going to learn and try out lots of acrylic abstract painting techniques, all without brushes!  We have a group of artists coming ranging from never-painted-before to very-experienced-and-accomplished.  So yes, if you’re reading this and thinking, “oh, that sounds like fun, but I can’t do that,” let me tell you that YES YOU CAN.  If you consider yourself “uncreative”, “non-artistic”, “incapable” or whatever other un-truths you’re telling yourself, I am going to prove you wrong.  Not only will you create things that will make your heart sing (and you may be singing out loud, cuz we love our music in the Joy Barn), you will leave with a renewed belief in yourself and inspiration for all the creative possibilities that lie ahead for you.  Plus, have a fun time with a group of new-found friends!


This is the first time this workshop is being offered, so grab your spot at the introductory price that’s 45% off!  Open to anyone from age 14 on up, this is for EVERYBODY.  Read more about it HERE and sign up for it OVER HERE .

And if you can’t make it on the 24th, consider coming to the next MOVING PAINT WORKSHOP on Saturday, April 21.  I’m also offering the MOVING COLOR WORKSHOP the very next day, Sunday, April 22.  This is going to be a super fun weekend of 2 full-day painting workshops.  Take one, or both!  They each stand alone.  Make a weekend of it, just like some of those signed up, some of whom are coming from out of town, are doing.  There are still spaces left, and I don’t want you to miss out!  Read all about them through those links.  This is a very affordable way to jump into painting, or to expand your skill set if you’re already an accomplished artist.  We can never have too much fun, too much camaraderie with kindred souls, or too much new inspiration!

Things are green and gorgeous now on the ranch, thanks to our winter rains.  Like our dogs are showing you — hurry and sign up while there are still spaces left!!!




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