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Come Play in May!!!


You are cordially invited to JOIN ME in doing something easy and fun during the month of May:  a simple painting practice where we work on ONE PAINTING for the entire month!!  #31daysofpainting.  It is something I’ve been planning on doing quietly, on my own.  But then I thought, what the heck, how much more fun it would be to do it alongside others, to cheer each other on and see all the different directions it takes us!  Think how rich and interesting this can be.
It’s very simple:  paint every day, a little or a lot, on the same canvas (or board or whatever you choose), just make sure to make at least one mark every day to alter the piece.  I saw this done a few years ago on Instagram, and I’ve wanted to do it myself ever since.  I think not only will it be interesting to see how things go over the course of the month, as my mood changes, but to do it alongside others will help with being accountable to keeping with it.
There is no hidden agenda here, nothing I’m trying to sell you.  In fact, I’m going to mail all the completers a cool prize (or prizes!) at the end!!  Consider it an invitation to a party!!!
Let’s not call it a challenge, let’s call it an INSTAGRAM CELEBRATION, ok?  I don’t want to set it up as something to be stressful or laden with comparisons.  This is open to everyone, beginners and experienced artists alike.  I want everyone to feel like we’re all just playing together, in any way we each want to.  SOUND FUN????

And so in that spirit, here are THE RULES” 

  1. Paint every day, something, anything, for seconds or for hours, just do something to change your piece.
  2. Post a photo of your piece every day on Instagram, using the hashtag#31daysofpainting
  3. Follow me on Instagram @lisapalmerart, for updates and more tips for success!
  4. No comparing our efforts to anyone else — this is most important — everyone is on a different path and I hope we’ll genuinely celebrate ourselves and others.
  5. Because “life” happens, there are up to 6 days of grace during the 31 days, in order to stay eligible for the final prize.


  • Over the next few days, gather your painting mediums and tools, and the surface you will use (the bigger and sturdier the better, imho).
  • Try to have a designated painting spot with easy access where you can leave out all your materials so you can get to work quickly.  Time spent setting up and putting stuff away can take away from your resolve, if time is limited.  Make it a nice place to land, near natural light if possible, with candles and music, or whatever feels good.  Hey, we’re worth it!!!
  • Subject?  Or not?  Entirely your choice.  Whatever floats your boat.  I’m going to start out playing with abstract painting, but who knows what I’ll end up with?  I’ll let the paint and the days steer me.  Having no expectations sets me up for a joyful and stressless experience.
  • If you’re away from your space on any day, you can still stay connected to your painting.  Have a small sketchbook with pens/pencils/watercolors with you, doodle ideas for your painting for when you return to it. Or maybe even create little sketches/pictures that you can use as mixed media additions to your painting (adhere papers to your piece with gel medium).
  • Remember that painting is a process, so that each day will most likely not produce a thing of absolute beauty!  We call is the messy middle or the ugly middle, LOL.  Don’t get discouraged, just keep going, paint over things you don’t like, don’t get stuck trying to fix every little thing.  The more unattached you are to the outcome, the more joyful this will be!!!  Be bold!  Have fun!  Pretend you’re a 5-year-old who’s excited just by the wonder of being free and playful.
  • Seriously, NO COMPARING!  There is no bigger joy-sucking roadblock than comparing ourselves to others.  It’s kind of ridiculous, when you really think about it, isn’t it?  Because everyone is on their own creative journey, with different levels of experience and individual tastes.  We are all unique, and we should celebrate that about ourselves!  I would also beg you not to make self-deprecating comments about your own work.  Find the beauty in it, it is always there. Let’s stay positive and feel good about THIS CELEBRATION!
  • Make sure to search the #31daysofpainting hashtag every day to see what others are doing, and cheer them on by doling out likes and comments generously!

At the end of the 31 days, everyone who has posted at least 25 daily progress photos on Instagram, with the #31daysofpainting hashtag, will be rewarded with a cool prize, or prizes, sent to you in the mail!!  But really, the reward will be your own creation, won’t it?  My hope is that this will inspire you to keep going, keep reaching, keep trying, keep getting yourself into the sweet flow of of creativity, to let your soul know you are listening!



2 thoughts on “Come Play in May!!!

  1. I want to be a part of 31 days of painting.

    1. Hi Marcia,
      Anyone can join in! If you sign up for my newsletter here, or follow this blog, you’ll get the latest updates about these daily painting games. I’m hosting a 15-day one in July and another 31-days in October. I hope you’ll join us!
      thanks so much,

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