Coming in 2017!!!!  Soul Sistering events and retreats!  Some of which will be held here, in my new art barn:


So stay tuned!!!!!!!!

I’m just a girl who’s lived a little, then a little more and a little more and more.  OK, so I’ve lived A LOT!!  It continues to be a fascinating and bumpy ride, with successes and mistakes and lessons learned.  Some forgotten and re-learned over and over.  In other words, a work in progress.  Just like YOU.


I’ve established this virtual town of LISAVILLE to share my love of ART and WORD and LOVE and KINDNESS.  I want it to be a place to spark discussions of things common and important to us as women.  I know sooooooooooo many wise and loving ladies of all ages who have so much goodness to share.  I hope this will be a place to listen.  Not just to each other, or to me, but to our own deep soul’s yearnings.  I hope this place touches your KIND SOUL.

So who am I?  I hesitate to list my labels because they are so limiting, and can even be polarizing.  Please know that these are just tiny pieces of how I would describe myself, because truly I am – and you are – so much more than the labels the world bestows upon us.  We have so much more in common than not.  OK here goes, I am a blessed rancher’s wife, a grateful stepmother, a dreaming artist, an experienced architect, a lover of all things handmade, a good daughter, a fighter for my adopted child’s special needs, a loving friend, a passionate designer, a needer of laughs and music, a loyal citizen, a joyful spirit, a perpetual dieter, a lover of sun and water and moon and stars, a restless curious mind, a dog lover, an explorer of words and colors and thrift stores, and a lucky resident of Sonoma County, California.  Oh, and I’m REALLY looking forward to being a grandmother some day!

4 thoughts on “About

  1. Just discovered your blog though Melody Ross’ FB page. Love your writing…especially love “Sistering”. Do you have a FB page?

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