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Springtime in Lisaville!

Hey peeps!  Happy Spring!!!  We’re “enjoying” torrential spring showers at the moment, which don’t make it easy to go out and feed all our critters, but we really appreciate how essential this water is for the health and beauty of our ranch.  Everything is so GREEN!!!


You may have noticed a little re-design of my website, now officially called  I’m working on aligning my vision with my visuals here, and DIY-ing it all myself, which is a huge challenge for one so un-techy as me!  In between raising baby goats, working on many re-builds for Santa Rosa fire victims (that’s my day job, if you didn’t know, I’m an architect), caring for relatives, and a zillion other things I’m responsible for, I grab a little time here and there to work on my pet soul projects, which are making art and building this art business.


As much as I yearn for a simple life, I have come to realize that word means something different for me.  Because I also have a rich and very full life, and most of it I wouldn’t change for anything.  So simplicity is more in my attitude toward how I approach each day, how I let go of extraneous stuff (physical and emotional), how I look for the essence of whatever I’m experiencing, how I constantly practice gratitude, and how I snap myself back into the moment when I start going down that path of overwhelm.  I appreciate minimalism so much, but that will never be me, and I am finally at peace with that.  As a young architecture student, I used to kneel at the altar of minimalism, but truth be told, it quickly bored me.  Just not how I’m wired.  So the struggle has been how to achieve the calm peaceful feelings of minimalism, while living a complex life.  How do you handle your own busy life??  I’d love to hear about your successes and tips!!

Here’s what’s coming up this spring in the Joy Barn……….



I’d LOVE to have you join us!!!!  These workshops are independent of each other, but of course one informs the other.  So come to one or both, and join a group of people who want to have fun and learn and PLAY with paint and color here with me!  These workshops are for curious “non-artists” and experienced artists alike.  Read all about them under the CLASSES & WORKSHOPS tab above.


Coming soon ——– I’ll be listing my paintings here in my SHOP !!!  As soon as I figure out how, LOL!  For now, you can purchase those pretty little practical notebooks through the link in the SHOP.  Stay tuned for original art!!!!!!!