She Did It Anyway™, 1-Day Soul Restoration Workshop

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I’m thrilled to announce dates for workshops and classes being held at my new Art Barn!  As a Certified Instructor of the Soul Restoration curriculum, created by Melody Ross of the Brave Girls Club, I have the privilege of bringing these classes to you.  I will be teaching the 1-day SHE DID IT ANYWAY™ Workshop on TBA. (And go to the Retreats & Camps tab for more info on full 5-day Soul Restoration Retreats and 5-day Soul Sistering Retreats!)

I consider these classes and workshops to be “spa treatments for the soul”.  We are so conditioned in our culture to spend time and money on material possessions and on taking care of our physical selves, yet we rarely, if ever, give ourselves permission to explore the things that will make us feel whole, at peace, and hopeful again.  The things that will help us get unstuck from the lies that we tell ourselves, and that society tells us we are supposed to believe about ourselves.  We all need regular “tune-ups” to restore our souls, and this brilliant curriculum does just that, by re-acquainting us with the TRUTH about ourselves and why we matter.

Why do I teach this?  Because I have done these lessons myself and they have positively changed my life in the most wonderful ways.  I discovered this curriculum at a time when I was sinking fast, had lost all hope and just told myself the lie that I just had to live in misery and grin and bear it.  But these lessons turned that all upside down!!!  I now live with joy and with purpose and deep peace, even though I still have many of the same burdens as I did then.  I have worked at Brave Girl Camp in Idaho, where Soul Restoration was taught live, and witnessed countless miracles as the campers worked through this curriculum and regained their belief in themselves, their worthiness and their belovedness.  I teach an abbreviated form of Soul Restoration to homeless women, and have witnessed even more unbelievably amazing outcomes.  I believe in this so deeply — I really do think every human should do these lessons and hear these messages — and I am dedicating this season of my life to teaching it.  I feel it would be a crime NOT to share these messages!  This is important for women who have lived a few or more decades and are perhaps wondering, is that all there is?  Am I worn out and used up?  As you will learn, the answer is:  absolutely not, quite the opposite!   It is also important for young women to learn these truths now, in order for them to believe in themselves and make life choices for the right reasons.  In this way, Soul Restoration really can change the world.

Why should you come?  Because if you have read this far, I’m guessing there is something tugging at you, something more than mere curiosity.  You’re yearning for a better connection with yourself.  Perhaps you have heard testimonials from others about the incredible gift of healing that Soul Restoration has been to their lives.  You have heard about the camps and you follow Brave Girls Club and have wanted so badly to attend a live event.  Perhaps you’ve even done the online version of Soul Restoration, through Brave Girl University (BGU).  In doing these lessons live, here with me, you will connect with other women in a safe and supportive space.  I call it “sistering” and you can read what I mean about that in this blogpost:  Sistering Gets Better and Better!  These gatherings will  be limited to 12 attendees each, in order to foster that connection.  Our ranch here in Sonoma County is beautiful, on the Russian River with redwoods and nature and real rustic ranchy stuff!  In fact, you’ll be walking across a cow pasture to get to the Art Barn, and you may see a goat or two along the way 🙂  And yes, there will be art, but please don’t let that intimidate you.  The art is secondary to the lessons, and you are not required to have any art experience at all.  I will teach simple techniques for the newbies, and for the experienced artists and crafters, well, I have a whole barn-full of materials and supplies for you to play with!  There will be gifts and surprises and delights throughout the classes and workshops — can you tell it will be FUN???  So without further ado, please read on about the specifics……..


I will be teaching the 1-day SHE DID IT ANYWAY™ Workshop on TBA, 9:30am to 4:30pm

In this empowering workshop, we will write the story of what we have overcome in life and how we will choose to guide our life in the future by continuing to climb every mountain and jump over every hurdle to live our dreams.  Every heroic woman has had to overcome adversity, challenges and failures…one common trait in all heroines is that they have all chosen to look their difficulties in the face and move forward toward their purpose anyway.

We will be creating a book of SHE DID IT ANYWAY® (SDIA) cards, each telling the story of our own difficult challenges, and our resolve to live the life we want to live in spite of our challenges.  The story of a heroine:  YOU!  This workshop is a module of the full Soul Restoration course.

All course materials provided:  the beautiful new She Did It Anyway workbook, created by Melody Ross, the exclusive SDIA book kit, and all art supplies.  (you will need to bring your own journal and pen to take notes).  A beautiful, abundant fresh salad bar lunch is provided, along with snacks and beverages throughout the day.

More information is provided in the Registration link, below.  If you have any other questions about anything, please don’t hesitate to email Lisa at:

REGISTER HERE:   She Did It Anyway Workshop


I hope you’ll join us. It will be one of the best things you’ve ever done for yourself.

I can’t wait for you to join me in my Art Barn!!!!  xoxo Lisa