April 22, 2018


Okey dokey, folks!!!  Now we’re going to kick it up a notch!  Here’s another painting workshop MOVING COLOR that I’ve created in response to my #1-overwhelmingly-MOST-ASKED-question about my art:  “How do you know what COLORS to use???”  The short answer is, I DON’T know.  The truth is, I feel it.  And I can guide you to feel it too.  This is going to be a BLAST!!!!  And just like the MOVING PAINT Workshops , I guarantee you will love it and have a ton of fun.

COLOR is my jam.  It’s the magical force that draws me to paint.  It’s a total playful sandbox candy store flying unicorn experience for me.  And once I gave myself permission to shut out all the voices of well-meaning teachers and “experts” about what is “right” and “wrong” about colors and combinations and vibrancy and juxtapositions and all the theories, UGH, and just let myself GO, well,  I   C A M E   H O M E.  To me.  My core, my soul.  And I want to share what I’ve learned and how I learned it, so you can find this joy within your creative soul also.  Unlike the MOVING PAINT workshop, where MOVING is used as a verb, here the word MOVING is used as an adjective.  We will be seeking that which moves YOU.


Consider this your own personal color “theory” without the science.  It’s all about intuition and experimentation and feeling it in your gut.  There won’t be a color wheel in sight, I promise!!!  This is between you and the paint.  And nothing else.  Sound fun?  Sound scary?  Not to worry, I’ll guide you through exercises that will loosen you up and help you to forget all those things you’ve heard or been taught that paralyze you when it comes to using color.  If you tend to reach for the same colors over and over, or if you tell yourself you “hate” certain colors, those are all fear-based beliefs.  The truth is that ALL COLORS are spectacularly beautiful.  Come let me show you!

This MOVING COLOR Workshop has no prerequisites.  It is for experienced artists and “non”-artists* alike.  I’m offering it the same weekend as a  MOVING PAINT Workshop  just so those who want to make a weekend of it can do both workshops.  You don’t have to do one to do the other, they both stand alone.  But if you do take both, you’ll be building a bigger arsenal of tools for your creative toolbox.  And yes, in this class, we will be using brushes, LOL.


I will be holding this 1-day workshop on Sunday, April 22, 2018, from 10am-4pm.

The day will start by gathering and doing some simple guided journaling and creative exercises to get everyone going.  We’ll be connecting as a group and sharing our thoughts because, well, that’s just what we do here in the Joy Barn.  It’s not only about the art, it’s just as much about being present with each other, celebrating, not comparing, and holding a safe space for everyone.  If you know anything about the Soul Restoration Course  I teach, that informs everything we do here.


We’ll  be playing with monochromatic color schemes, contrast, layers and underlays and transparency, some mixed media techniques, light and dark, soft and bright.  We’ll be using lots of paint.  No fear!!  It is my personal mission to get every student to fall in love with their own creative expression through painting.  It is so healing, so soulful, so personal, and can be so deep if we let it.  It may actually rock your world.  Yes, you can do this.  I know you can.  And guess what, it IS easy.  I want you to join us in the FUN!!!

*LISTEN UP:  if you think you’re “uncreative”, here’s my response:  E V E R Y O N E is CREATIVE.  End of story.  The only difference between someone who believes the lie that they are not creative, and those that know the truth that they are, I have found, is that those who are comfortable with their creativity have been practicing it longer.  If you’ve been stopping yourself from even attempting to paint (or any other creative activity), I’m here to push you over that hump and show you YOU.  You, a beautiful creative soul.  You, an artist.  The you who yearns to play.  The you who has forgotten how to follow your creative intuition.  Let’s play together!


Here are the DETAILS:

Sunday, April 22, 2018, from 10am-4pm, Cost: $89   REGISTER HERE

What To Bring:

  • a sack lunch
  • journal and pen
  • apron, wear messy clothes
  • at least 3 stretched pre-gesso’d canvasses (not canvas boards, you’re worth it!) any sizes from 12″x12″minimum up to 20″x30″maximum.  I will give you links to sources when you register.
  • good quality acrylic paints (not the little 2oz. craft paints. Again, you’re worth it!) in the following 5 colors:  red, blue, yellow, black, white.  I will give you links to sources when you register.
  • gel medium
  • your own brushes

I will provide everything else you’ll need:  snacks and beverages, more paints, palettes, many mark-making tools, many paint-moving tools, spray bottles, rags, paper towels, etc.  And I will give you more details about the supplies after you register.

If you’re coming from out of town and want to make a weekend out of it, I have plenty of lodging and dining recommendations for you, once you’re registered.  This is Sonoma County, California, a world-famous vacation destination, with lots of other delights, including wine-tasting, gourmet dining, spectacular beaches and so much more.