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  1. Hey Lis–Reading this was so amazing and inspiring but it made me sad that I haven’t seen you since 1998. Remember that trip when we met my bizarre friend–no longer–Caryl who was so jealous of our friendship. Very sad for women who don’t love other women. I met my fabulous husband Lenny shortly after I returned but never saw you again. I hope to remedy that someday but at least we have a much easier way to communicate than in the old days. You were always something really different and special. Remember how much my mother adored you also? I have many wonderful women in my life and always try to keep things positive. I’ve reconnected with quite a few friends from elementary school and the memories we share and their kind souls have made me love them all over again. One thing about Florida—it seems everyone from NY and Boston eventually find their way down here–even if just for vacation. Here’s to you beautiful lady and your forever fresh starts. There are no limits!

    1. Oh I’m sooooooooooo thrilled you found this, Lisa!!!! You make me teary!!!! I also am sad that I couldn’t meet up with you and Len when you visited SF some years ago, probably due to family stuff. Well, the kids are almost all out now (last one leaving in a few months) and I will definitely have more time for trips and visits. So come back to the Bay Area!!
      Was that 1998? Geez! It was a fun visit, despite your spiteful friend, I thought she was just kind of comical and sad. I hope she’s learned to love herself by now. Because that’s where it all comes from, being jealous, I think. If you truly love yourself, then you truly love your friends and wish them nothing but happiness and success. Too many women don’t really love themselves. But when you visit Lisaville, I hope people will realize that they are in a place where they are completely loved and valued. I have big dreams for this venture, LOL!!!
      I will never forget darling Florrie and how welcome and loved she made me feel. I know you know how lucky you are to have had her for your mom.
      I can hear your beautiful voice and laugh as I read your words, NY accents have so much feeling. Keep in touch, and sign up to be a follower here, cuz you never know what a wild ride you might have in Lisaville (you already have a key to the city, being a fellow Lisa).
      To my glamorous, sweet, caring GORGEOUS dear friend: I LOVE YOU LISA!!!

  2. Hi, Lisa, sweetest of women! Of course, you would gestate this inspiring means for us to all speak to each other. My DAY ONE was yesterday: I’ve been sick for a FULL WEEK and going steer-crazy. But finished up the week feeling grounded and a sense of well-being. Things really seem to have aligned on Dec 21st and the warmth continues to radiate.

    1. Oh, you’re pretty sweet yourself, dear Cindy!!!!! I’m glad you’re feeling better, we’ve had some lingering cold/flu stuff in our house too. Keep radiating that soulful warmth of yours because it is a gift to the world! HUGS!

  3. My heart is full with your joy. I stand with my pom poms at the ready.

    1. Sallianne!!!!! Thank you so much!!!! I love you xoxoxoxo

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