1.  What is the difference between the Soul Restoration Retreats and the Soul Sistering Camps?

The Soul Restoration Retreats are a safe place where you are immersed in the beauty of nature and will connect with other women who are also seeking to learn the beautiful truth about themselves.  This is where the world-famous life-changing Brave Girls Club’s Soul Restoration course is taught by me, Lisa Palmer, a Certified Instructor.  Please read more about it on the Soul Restoration Retreats page.

The Soul Sistering Camps are a joyful place where we celebrate YOU.  A place where you can rest and recalibrate to the rhythms of nature and sisterhood, and where the practices of restorative self care and soul care are expanded to include creativity and adventure!  These camps are designed to be the next step after soul work has been started, and they are not affiliated with Brave Girls Club or the Soul Restoration curriculum.  Please read more about it on the Soul Sistering Camps page.

2.  Who are these retreats/camps designed for?

For women of all backgrounds and ages, 21 to 121!  Where there is total acceptance and grace.  A safe place to come together purely as souls, not as the labels we, or society, has given us.  This is a new, refreshing and much-needed model of women gathering.  We come together to learn and share and connect and laugh and write and listen and play and create and rest and discuss ideas and restore and be pampered.  We come here as equals to witness and support each other in the challenges we face, to share ideas and wisdom, to sister each other.  We ask you to spend your days here unplugged, in order to be fully present and give yourself the gift of focusing on the experiences you are having in the here-and-now.  Our intent is to re-discover what it means to live our most beautiful life, in harmony with our own souls, and with each other.

3.  Where are these retreats and camps located?  What is the weather like?  Where will I stay?

These events are held here on our gorgeous ranch, located just outside the picturesque little hamlet of Duncans Mills, in northwestern Sonoma County, California, on the Russian River.  The ranch consists of 600 acres of rolling hilly pastures, tranquil redwood forests and riverfront beaches.  The classes and most gatherings are held in a newly-remodeled 100-year-old former sheep-shearing barn, called the Art Barn.  The ranch is located 5 minutes from the Pacific Ocean and close to wineries and all the other vacation amenities Sonoma County is known for.  By car, we are 45 minutes from Santa Rosa, and 1 hour 45 minutes from San Francisco.

Sonoma County has a mild Mediterranean-type climate.  Since we are near the coast, we enjoy the effects of the ocean climate, and so it can vary between warm and sunny or cool and foggy, depending on the season.  We keep a close eye on the weather forecasts here, and we will definitely keep you updated on what to expect when you’re here.

You will be lodged at a nearby charming historic camp compound called St. Joseph’s Camp.  Nestled under fragrant pine and redwood trees and country fresh air, the rooms are quaint cozy cute warm little cabins, and everyone gets their own twin bed.  You will have the choice of sharing a cabin with a roommate (who we would love to assign you, as these newfound friends usually become the gift of lifelong friendships), or you are welcome to have your own private cabin.  Think: summer camp for adults!  Breakfast is served in the beautiful old lodge that is perched above the river.  After breakfast, you will come over to our ranch for the rest of the day and evening.

4.  Do I have to be an artist to enjoy these events?

Absolutely not!  The projects and exercises we will do are designed for ALL skill levels and experience levels.  This is all about PLAY and having fun and discovering new things about ourselves and what we are capable of doing.  All projects are designed to support the more important aspects of soul-tending and self-discovery.  Everyone leaves with amazing creations and a peaceful sense of creative accomplishment.  We will teach you all you need to know to be successful, and those who are accomplished artists will be challenged with new ideas and techniques.  This is all about YOU, and nothing about comparing ourselves to others — yes, it sounds almost too good to be true, but it is……..

5.  Tell me more about being on the ranch…..

This is a 150-year-old cattle ranch and agricultural preserve, located on one of only two state-designated “scenic highways” in this county.  It’s a magical place, and many have likened it to being in a real-live fairy tale setting.  We have a bunch of old barns and quaint outbuildings on this real working ranch.  You will be walking across a pasture to get to the Art Barn.  And we will be walking on dirt paths to get to the river and into the forest.  In addition to our gentle shy cows, we have goats and chickens, dogs and cats, all of whom live in peaceful harmony here together.  You might even be lucky enough to see a newborn baby goat or calf!  There are a gazillion picture-perfect photo ops here!!  This place is historic and rustic and breathtakingly picturesque, and a kind of quiet and serenity that you may not have experienced in a very long time.  This is a perfect opportunity for quiet reflection and getting back in touch with your soul, a place to smile.

The Art Barn is beautifully furnished, a boho-lover’s dream!  There is a cozy comfy lounge area where we gather and relax.  Inspirational art covers the walls, well, except for the many windows that look out on the amazing vistas of nature surrounding the Art Barn.  In the center of the barn is a huge roomy table for making art, surrounded by a seemingly endless array of supplies and materials and tools.  There are always fresh flowers and candles and music, everything inviting you to pause and enjoy the simple pleasures.  This is a beautiful setting for some serious sistering, a safe place to open your heart and soul.

6.  What about the food and beverages?

We take our food pretty seriously here in Sonoma County, and we are blessed with the best local ingredients.  What that means for you is delicious, fresh, healthy, abundant and lovingly homemade meals and snacks at these retreats and camps.  We do our best to accommodate your dietary concerns  And there’s always dessert….and bread….and chocolate….just sayin’!  We do keep our time on the ranch alcohol-free, but you are welcome to enjoy a glass of wine in the lodge at St. Joseph’s when you return in the evening.

7.  What are the costs?  Are there payment plans?  What is the refund policy?

The retreats and camps costs are all-inclusive, for 5-days/4-nights.  Your only additional cost will be your transportation to and from Duncans Mills.  The cost for each retreat or camp is listed on that event’s page, along with the optional payment plan that is available.

Here’s what’s included:

  • 4 nights’ lodging at St. Joseph’s Camp
  • All meals, snacks, beverages (non-alcoholic)
  • All class materials and art supplies and instruction by Lisa and guest teachers
  • Lots of lovingly made gifts and surprise goodies, tailored to each individual event

Because of the nature of these events, with all the advance preparation necessary to hold them, the first $300 of your paid registration is non-refundable.  There is a 7-day grace period wherein you may cancel your registration within the first 7 days after your payment of your first invoice, with a refund of the amount you already paid less the $300 non-refundable deposit.  After that 7-day grace period, and due to the nature of this gathering, no refunds will be given…However, you may sell, gift or transfer your spot to another.  Find more details on each event’s page.

8.  Is it OK to come alone, or should I come with a friend?

Most people come to these events alone, primarily for the reason that they can receive the full gifts of the experience without the filter of someone else who knows them.  We understand that coming to something like this alone might make some people a bit apprehensive.  We get it because we have been there ourselves!  We have lots of experience in holding these events, so we know that not only will you be okay, you will be amazed at yourself, and you will be amazing!  You will be surprised how quickly your nervousness goes away.  We recommend coming alone.

That being said, there are no rules about coming alone.  Some people do come with a friend or mother or sister, etc., and that is completely fine.  The only exception to that is these are not a couples events, so we do not invite women who are couples to attend together.  Because none of the other women have their partners in attendance, the interaction is very different than a couples retreat experience.  We invite women in intimate partnerships to attend separate sessions.

9.  What do I need to bring?

We want you to be able to be comfortable and travel light, and have extra room in your suitcase for all the goodies you’ll be taking home with you!  We suggest you dress comfortably, whatever that means for you.  Layers are great, given the temperature fluctuations throughout the day, and a warm jacket for the evenings is recommended.  You’ll need to wear sturdy close-toed shoes to and from the Art Barn, and around the ranch.  Aside from your clothes and personal items, you’ll need a camera (phone cameras are great) and you might want to bring your favorite writing pen and journal, although we will also be providing those for you.  We will have a more detailed list for you, once you register.

10.  How do I get there?

To get to Duncans Mills, California, you can drive, or fly into either Sonoma County Airport (STS), which is about 45 minutes from Duncans Mills, or San Francisco International Airport (SFO), which is about 2 hours from Duncans Mills.  Both airports have easy access rental car facilities.  When you register, you will be given more detailed directions and instructions.

11.  I have more questions!

Simply contact me via Email with any questions at lisaville13@gmail.com