Soul Sistering Camp


img_2123Soul Sistering Camp is all about celebrating YOU — by honoring and loving your soul through creativity and adventure and sistering.  Think of this as the most amazing summer camp of your dreams!  We will gather together and play and learn and make beautiful things and explore and dream and discover new things and share in a safe, kind and supportive circle of women.  This is a place of peace and acceptance and love and inspiration, a much-needed model of how women can come together and, quite literally, change their world.img_9721What does heaven on earth look like to you?  Does it look like returning to serenity in spectacularly beautiful natural surroundings?  Does it sound like days of creative fun and connection with kindred souls?  Does it feel like fresh air and relaxing and intentionally unwinding as you reclaim your peace and joy?  If so, these camps are for you!!!img_0727

Soul Sistering Camp is a 5-day, 4-night all-inclusive retreat* held in the Art Barn on my family’s gorgeous ranch on the Russian River in Sonoma County, California.  I have created this camp for women who want to say “yes” to life and to moving forward with joy and hope.  This is a place where kindness is valued over being “right”, where having fun is everything, and where comparing is non-existent.

“We arrived to a country farm with lots of green pastures.  Lisa immediately welcomed us, and as as we came into the Art Barn, it took my breath away.  The environment is immediately warm and welcoming …..Lisa was a constant source of ideas and encouragement….filled with love laughter, tears, encouragement, art and yummy food!  I left the Art Barn with my tank full, and looking forward…….”    – Donna

There will be music and laughter, campfires and fresh flowers, as well as time for quiet contemplation in these peaceful natural surroundings.  This is a place where time stands still.  Recalibrate to the rhythms of nature, alongside the gentle Russian River, unplug, with the forest, the birds, the amazing sunsets, the animals, the fresh air, the rolling hills of cow pastures, and a goat herd roaming the hills, all conspiring to heal weary souls.  Let yourself be loved.

Leaves Mandala

You will be guided to learn new skills and techniques to honor your soul and your story, through various forms of art, writing, and photography — no experience necessary!!  And yet experienced artisans will find plenty of new inspiration to challenge them.  As each project leads to the next, they build upon each other.  There will be individual projects and some collaborative projects.  You will leave with a collection of amazing creations and ideas that will hopefully inspire you to keep going and explore in your shiny refreshed life!                     img_2237img_2226                  Version 2img_2230   

There is also plenty of time for relaxation and quiet reflection, and plenty of time for play and being outdoors and forging new friendships.

Sistering, definition:  In construction: to repair weak floor joists by attaching new joists right along side, to provide the extra support the older joist needs. The older joist is not removed and discarded, it has support added by its sister joist.  So the two become stronger than one.  They help each other.  The new one doesn’t have to take on the whole burden alone.  In life: to support and stand beside others in this life journey.  To learn from each other.  To teach each other.  To acknowledge each other.  To come together to hold safe space.  To celebrate the beauty within us, and all around us.  And in so doing, to acknowledge the sacred feminine core within us. 


The sistering, the bonding with kindred souls, the connection and the acceptance, will be a lifelong blessing. I can’t tell you enough how deeply these 5 days will touch you and help guide you moving forward in your life, no matter what obstacles you see ahead of you.  This is truly the best kind of soul care.

.Version 2img_9823

All the projects are created to CELEBRATE YOU, and so they include things such as a soulful self-portrait, a snapshot memoir in a hand-made book, a personal soul vision board, and soulful word collage poems.  We’ll also have easy fun craft projects using found natural objects.  Mediums and techniques such as drawing, journaling, watercolor, collage, painting, polymer clay and photography will be taught in an easy guided process by me and maybe a surprise guest teacher.


And that’s not all!  There will be magical gifts, handmade goodies and lots off surprises.  Most all the art supplies and instruction you need are provided (a small list of tools you’ll need to bring will be sent to you upon registration).  All this while enjoying the beauty and comfort and warmth of my Art Barn below the redwood forest here on our 600-acre ranch.

“A peaceful day of reflection and healing creativity in a lovely pastoral art barn.  I felt valued and cared for by Lisa and the women in the group and left feeling grateful and empowered.”  – Sherylimg_1558img_9814img_1031img_1064img_2244

And the food!  Fresh, abundant, homemade, tasty, healthy, California ranch-style — along with decadent desserts and always always always bread and chocolate.  We got you covered!img_9488

You will be lodging in an amazing historic camp compound, called St. Joseph’s Camp. You’ll be staying in a charmingly simple, warm, cozy little cabin, under fragrant redwood and pine trees, located 1-1/2 miles from our ranch.  Everyone gets their own bed, and you have a choice of either sharing a cabin or having your own cabin (same price).  St. Joseph’s boasts a beautiful welcoming lodge where you will eat breakfast and perhaps take your coffee out onto the picture-postcard verandah overlooking the river, before you come over to the ranch.  And then when you return in the evening, this same lodge, with its massive stone fireplace, is a perfect place to relax and unwind at the end of the day.

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Duncans Mills, California
Fly into either Sonoma County Airport (STS), which is about 45 minutes from Duncans Mills, or San Francisco International Airport (SFO), which is about 2 hours from Duncans Mills.  Both airports have easy access rental car facilities.


August 22-26, 2017


  • 4 night’s lodging at St. Joseph’s Camp in Duncans Mills, California
  • All meals, snacks, beverages
  • All class materials and art supplies, and lots of other gifts and goodies

You’ll need to arrive to check in at St. Joseph’s Camp any time between 2pm and 4pm on  August 22. The retreat ends after breakfast, at 10am checkout, on August 26.

*except for your transportation costs to and from St. Joseph’s Camp


Registration and Cost

To register, please email me at  And let me know which of the 2 payment types you would like (see below).  I will send you a PayPal invoice for the amount, and it will be due upon receipt.  If you are doing the payment plan, I will send you invoices for each additional payment, with their due dates.  The first $300 of your payment is a non-refundable deposit.  If I don’t receive the payments by 7 days after the due dates, I will not be able to hold your spot:

1.  Payment in Full:  $1,199.    -OR-

2.  Payment Plan:  3 equal payments of $433.  The 1st payment is due upon receipt of invoice, 2nd payment due 30 days later, and 3rd payment due 30 days after that or by July 22, whichever comes first.

PLEASE NOTE:  There is a 7-day grace period wherein you may cancel your registration within the first 7 days after your payment of your first invoice, with a refund of the amount you already paid less the $300 non-refundable deposit.  After that 7-day grace period, and due to the nature of this gathering, NO REFUNDS will be given…However, you may sell, gift or transfer your spot to another.  Also, invoices include complete Terms & Conditions, for your information.

Once I receive your full or initial payment, I will send you a registration packet that contains more details about the retreat, as well as a Questionnaire and a Terms & Conditions form, both of which need to be completed and returned to me before registration is complete.  Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions at

img_2239Through healing creativity, designed to get us back in touch with our souls, we can be inspired to reclaim those parts of ourselves that perhaps we have been ignoring for too long.  My hope is that you leave feeling inspired to keep moving forward in your beautiful life.  I hope you’ll join us!!!   xoxoxo Lisa